Thursday, September 11, 2014

(Late)NB of the Week


Avengers #34.1
Written by Al Ewing
Drawn by Dale Keown

Back in 1969, the Squadron Sinister was created as villains of the Avengers. Based off members of the Justice League, Hyperion was the Superman. All these years later, the Avengers were joined by a new Hyperion when his planet was destroyed during an incursion (pretty much the main premise going through Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers). This Hyperion is from a world where he was raised to protect mankind from any and all dangers and that's what this issue solidified for us.
When a young boy is kidnapped, Hyperion steps in, desiring to help. Even though he's not met with much appreciation at first, he made a vow to his father (also just called Father) to protect all. What we find through this issue is that even though he is not from this planet or even dimension, this Hyperion is much "softer" than most versions we've seen. When he finds the boy, he finds that he was taken by his real "father". That's in quotation because even though the child is adopted, this isn't his real father. It's the villain Mauler. Turns out that Mauler did in fact give his son up for adoption years ago. After finding out his son was killed, the distraught man say this boy and in him, saw his son. He couldn't bare thinking his son was actually dead and this boy was, in his mind, the son he gave up. Instead of a big fight and badass action, Hyperion remembers back to what Father told him:
"Were you really put here just to react? At best, you'd be treatment for a wound that should never have been inflicted. At worst -- someone's revenge fantasy. The biggest bully in the playground. And I don't think that's what you are. I think you're one of the teachers. I've spent my life trying to teach the world, Marcus. To educate society -- guide it towards change. When I'm gone, that task will fall to all of you. The question is...
What lesson do you have for us?"
So as Mauler unleashes everything he has, Hyperion simply lets him. And when he falls and breaks and cries about his lost son to Hyperion, he merely listens and offers some advice. He feels everything should work in tandem and the only way for all those pieces, "from the smallest to the largest, from the lowest sinner to the highest saint," to work together is through understanding.
"If we flinch from that understanding -- declare it impossible, inconceivable -- then all truth is compromised. All thought will contain error."
This Earth is now his home and all it's life now his family. He will protect it however he can.
I was skeptical about Ewing guest writing this issue but it was extremely well written, even if a bit cliched and unoriginal. Hyperion has made his presence known and I, for one, am very interested to see what happens now. However, I do feel that this may be a setup for a sacrifice. New Avengers and the incursions are gaining momentum and after seeing one family destroyed already, he may be the one to safe his new kin.
Also, this issue is better than any Superman the New 52 has written in it's three years.

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