Sunday, November 30, 2014

Boobs of the Day

Eva Green.
I recently watch Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and while I'm still uncertain of how I feel about it (as a movie goes, it was great. As the story goes, something felt disconnected), one thing I am certain of is that Eva Green has amazing Coat-Hangers. As Ava, we get quite a bit of them throughout her story and did I mention they are amazing? In fact, you can find her skinners out in a number of movies. Look 'em up. I'll wait..... Told ya. Here they are covered.... Told ya.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

NB of the Week

It's Running Down My Leg
(Quick edition)

T'was a small, small week so here are the quick runs from the few I read

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #19
As Eternity Wars looms, we get a flashback to young Adam as he saves his father. with the support of his uncle Keldor (eventually to be Skeletor), Prince Adam tells his father he wants to be a master. When his father denounces the idea, Adam takes off on an adventure to prove his strength. Which is what Keldor wants. Knows King Randor will chase down his some, Keldor kills the council and begins a coupe to take the throne. Back with Adam, we get a "frozen" moment in time as the table has turned and he must try to save his father. Zodac and the Sorceress appear, felling how much of the Power of Grayskull Adam is able to unknowingly tap into. This is to be the true protector. He is able to save his father, leaving the rest to Eternia history.

All-New Invaders #12
We get a good old hero tale here as Union Jack, Sir Steel, Crimson Cavalier, Phantom Eagle and Iron Fist (Orson) fight a wave of Martian invaders. We see all this as in modern day, said Martians are back and Union Jack, Spitfire and Destroyer try to figure out why. In walks Bucky Barnes along with a friend who claims those Martians are here for him. His name? Killraven.

Superman #36
Ulysses has no hope left for Earth. Even if he was able to cure things such as disease and famine, the people would find a way to ruin it all again. So he offers some salvation: the first six million people to arrive at his ship will travel back to the fourth dimension with him and live in harmony. He flies back to his parents to say "goodbye" but when they tell him they wants to join, he tells them they can't because he wants them to be safe. Little did he know Superman was already there and now he wants real answers to whats going on. Too bad it's never that easy and fighting ensues, leaving Ulysses the victor.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #40
The other mutants have joined in the fight against Bebop and Rocksteady and it kinda goes exactly as you'd think. Back and forth rumbling until Splinter comes in and is about to out-think them all. The two pick themselves up and decide it's best to not tell Karai about their attempt and subsequent failure at beating the Turtles. Meanwhile, as we end our issue, we get a final page of Donatello as Metal Head meeting up with Shredder, telling him that the only hope to stopping Krang and the Technodrome is to team-up.

New Avengers #27
Thor, Hyperion and their group traverse the realms in between looking for ways to stop the coming incursions. What they find are the Black Priests smack dab on their own turf. After figuring out that each Priest utters a letter which then spells out the destructive word, they begin to break up said words. Until The Eye comes. A Black Priest that speaks in words and not letters. All are surprised to actually find this leader is none other than Doctor Strange. Turns out the Priests are actually good. There is a battle waging between two groups and both fight for the destruction of everything. The Priests come in and destroy one of the realities so that the other may live. Kill the few to save the many. Looks like the real battle is just beginning.

Earth 2: World's End #8
Apokolips is coming. The Avatars must unite but aren't. None of the heroes are fighting together like they should be.... I had high hopes for this weekly series but every issue is erratic and kinda sloppy. Plot points just keep jumping back for forth for no reason and we go from seemingly unimportant scene to another seemingly unimportant scene within 3-4 pages. Better hurry World's End. You're already starting to lose. me.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Boobs of the Day

"Be not concerned of her shyness, for it will pass."
"There you go."

Thursday, November 20, 2014

NB of the Week


Daredevil #10
Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Chris Samnee

The Purple Man is trouble even when he's not alive (though he didn't stay dead for long). Turns out he's had a number of kids through the years and worse over, when those kids get together, they have a power similar to his but even more scary: they control your emotions. With their daddy, at least you knew it wasn't your choice to take whatever actions he made you take (not that there's much solace in knowing that). With these kids, they bring out all you fear or hatred. You are feeling these things and your actions based off them are extreme and all yours. Matt Murdock included. Last issue, while trying to figure out what's going on with these kids, Matt as hit hard. "They radiate pain and grief and and rage and loneliness and despair... and there's no fighting it." He fell into a ball, everything crashing down on him. He can't move. He can't breath. It's all holding him down and that's when previously dead Purple Man walks up to him.
Purple Man begins to beat on Daredevil while demanding actions from him that Matt can't fully comply with. Until he forces upon him the one thing Matt knows how to conquer: fear. With one swift kick, he sends Purple running and tried his best to compose himself. He manages to get away but not for long as he must now stop Purple from killing his own children. This is where the comic started to lose me (but fear not, the ending brought it all back for a rousing win). Daredevil begins saving the kids and beats Purple and saves the day. The kids are all separated, which stops the powers and he goes off with his girlfriend and law partner Kristen. She walks and talks and tries to help Matt with his flood of emotions that are still on him but he plays it off with a smile, kisses her goodbye and heads into his home. He walks right over to the bed and curls up into a ball of depression. Which is where you think it ends. Turn the page and we're given one more scene. Matt rolls over and picks up his phone, calling Kristen. He tells her he would like to actually talk about things and tells her she doesn't have to come back over for it to which she replies "Of course I don't. I never left." As the door she's sitting next to begins to open, she leaves us with a smile. "Thanks for letting me in."
 The last two pages reminded me why Waid has been the perfect writer for Daredevil. Things have not been easy for good ol' Matt recently. Or really ever. Lost his life and law-practice in Hell's Kitchen, Foggy gets cancer that's eating away at him and on top of all of that, these kids just brought up everything else from the past. The death of his father, of Karen, of Elektra. All his failures flat on his head. And at the end of the day, after beating up the bad guy and saving the day once more, we're given two brilliant pages showing us that with Matt Murdock, the face under the mask needs the time to live and heal. Two pages to show how human Waid has made this book. Two pages to reconnect us to a side of superheroes that we don't see as often as we should in today's world. It was recently announced that Waid is ending his run on DD and Marvel will be hard-pressed to find another writer who will be able to make this book as beautiful as he has over the last three years.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

NB of the Week


Wytches #2
Written by Scott Snyder
Drawn by Jock

Sail Rooks is seeing things. Weird things. Dead things. Years ago, Sail was just a school girl who was bullied an awful lot. After being taken out into the woods by one bully, she was told to some some pretty despicable things or else the bully was going to beat her to death. She made a stand and tried to fight back but it wasn't her that stopped the bully. It was the forest. A tree grabbed the bully and began to bend and twist the teen into it's truck. And the bully was gone. Nobody believed Sail and her and her parents moved. These years later, the dead bully is coming back for Sail. Or so she thinks. Her parents know something they're not telling her. The woods have secrets she's trying to find out. The wytches aren't finished with young Sail. She has been pledged.
Scott Snyder thinks he has everybody fooled with his Batman. That it's just so perfect and Batman-y that we all think he was born to write it. Wrong. Scott Snyder was born to write horror books that twist and turn with every page and leave us with nightmares every night. And Jock was born to draw the mangled images that will join. His lines and edges are a perfect match for the dank and horrifying words that Snyder provides. As with horror movies, I'm very picky when it comes to what should be scary. This comic right here? Unsettling. Genuinely creepy. The story so far is very "lost" in the best possible way a horror story can be: we have no clue what's actually happening but we know it's dark and evil and you can feel that nothing is safe from it.


If you've had any doubt about Miles Morales, check out his fight with Norman Osborn in this week's Miles Morales #7. Kid has earned his spot in the Spider Hall of Fame.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Boobs of the Day

Eva Habermann
I came across a cheap, dvd series a little big ago called Lexx about a small ragtag group (original, I know) who come into possession of a giant spaceship called, you guessed it, Lexx. The show is pretty cheesy (it started in '97) and the special effects are bad but the story is actually cool. Within this group is the sex slave Zev, who along with her short skirt and top, wears some nice rubber bondage. And isn't so hard on the eyes either. In the second movie (the first season is made of four, full-length movies), we get an odd shower scene involving her and a shower that appears to be testicles and a penis. Weirdness aside, we get some decent skin shots I wasn't expecting and the pervert I am said "Yup, those are going on the blog". So here she is. The pretty lady behind that weird balls and penis and boobies scene. Miss Eva Habermann.
(no idea when this picture was taken but darnit all if she's still not hot)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

(Late) NB of the Week


Tooth & Claw #1
Written by Kurt Busiek
Drawn by Benjamin Dewey

If you've read comics (or my blog) at some point in the last twenty years, you likely know who Kurt Busiek is. If not by name, definitely by title. The man has written most every character out there from DC and Marvel and lots of "smaller" characters like Vampirella, Shadowhawk, Conan, Ninjak and Darkman. He's also the words behind some amazing stories like JLA/Avengers, Arrowsmith and Superman: Secret Identity. He and George Perez are responsible for an Avengers run that is held in very high regard from most, avid Avengers fans (or at least was. Opinions could change over the years). And oh yeah, he's half responsible for a little mini called Marvels with a small time artist named Alex Ross. He ringing a bell now? Yesterday started his new series from Image, Tooth & Claw, and if this first issue is the example of what we can expect, I'm extremely hopeful for this one.
Tooth & Claw, so far, is about magic and survival. It's a world where the citizens are anthropomorphic animals and all live in lush fantasy (except the poor, I assume, but you get the setting better this way). The story begins with Dunstan (a dog and an obvious focal point for the future) as he begins to follow his father, the trademaster of their home, the floating city Keneil. Shortly, all neighboring city officials begin to arrive as they discuss a very important matter: magic is fading. It can no longer support their living the way it has. Gharta the Seeker has a plan: they will use magics to reach back in time, before magic, and pull forward The Great Champion. The one who opened the gates of magic when facing the world's destruction many years ago. Many agree as many others disagree but it is ultimately shut down. But that won't stop them. Gharta leads the believers to a sacred place as they prepare to conjure the spell and save their way of life. Believe it or not, things go horribly wrong. To compensate for the lack of magic their spells bring, the gateway draws from the magic used to keep Keneil floating. With an explosion (of magic and bright colors, the best king of explosion to have), Keneil is ripped in have and falls to the Plains below. As survivors come to, they search for others that may be buried but there is much death around, including Dunstan's father. They dig and salvage and bury their dead for many hours until a green light breaks through the ruble. Out comes Gharta. She tells them all this was a horrible tragedy that she never imagined but that it was all for a greater good. They did it. They have brought the Champion. Our issue ends with everybody gathering around the captured Champion (never showing us him) and other clans of animals taking notice of the crashed wreckage. Impending doom is on it's way and I have a feeling the people of Keneil have no clue how to fight it.
I don't really like fantasy. Typically I can't ever follow or remember all the made up names and places and languages and on that, I can't connect with most characters that live in magic and dragons and all the fantasy stuff that fantasy worlds have. But that's not to say there aren't amazing stories. Thanks to visual mediums, stories like The Hobbit and Game of Thrones are even larger now then ever, bringing millions in seemingly ever week somehow. And with comics, I may have found a fantasy story I can really get behind. The writing was simple for a first issue and still fantastic. The art is amazing and I think we could be talking about Dewey quite a lot from this series. For me, this issue was one of those rare gems. No name series, brand new everything and brilliant. I can see this being a series that takes off after it's first year, leaving collectors scrambling for the early issues.