Thursday, November 27, 2014

NB of the Week

It's Running Down My Leg
(Quick edition)

T'was a small, small week so here are the quick runs from the few I read

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #19
As Eternity Wars looms, we get a flashback to young Adam as he saves his father. with the support of his uncle Keldor (eventually to be Skeletor), Prince Adam tells his father he wants to be a master. When his father denounces the idea, Adam takes off on an adventure to prove his strength. Which is what Keldor wants. Knows King Randor will chase down his some, Keldor kills the council and begins a coupe to take the throne. Back with Adam, we get a "frozen" moment in time as the table has turned and he must try to save his father. Zodac and the Sorceress appear, felling how much of the Power of Grayskull Adam is able to unknowingly tap into. This is to be the true protector. He is able to save his father, leaving the rest to Eternia history.

All-New Invaders #12
We get a good old hero tale here as Union Jack, Sir Steel, Crimson Cavalier, Phantom Eagle and Iron Fist (Orson) fight a wave of Martian invaders. We see all this as in modern day, said Martians are back and Union Jack, Spitfire and Destroyer try to figure out why. In walks Bucky Barnes along with a friend who claims those Martians are here for him. His name? Killraven.

Superman #36
Ulysses has no hope left for Earth. Even if he was able to cure things such as disease and famine, the people would find a way to ruin it all again. So he offers some salvation: the first six million people to arrive at his ship will travel back to the fourth dimension with him and live in harmony. He flies back to his parents to say "goodbye" but when they tell him they wants to join, he tells them they can't because he wants them to be safe. Little did he know Superman was already there and now he wants real answers to whats going on. Too bad it's never that easy and fighting ensues, leaving Ulysses the victor.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #40
The other mutants have joined in the fight against Bebop and Rocksteady and it kinda goes exactly as you'd think. Back and forth rumbling until Splinter comes in and is about to out-think them all. The two pick themselves up and decide it's best to not tell Karai about their attempt and subsequent failure at beating the Turtles. Meanwhile, as we end our issue, we get a final page of Donatello as Metal Head meeting up with Shredder, telling him that the only hope to stopping Krang and the Technodrome is to team-up.

New Avengers #27
Thor, Hyperion and their group traverse the realms in between looking for ways to stop the coming incursions. What they find are the Black Priests smack dab on their own turf. After figuring out that each Priest utters a letter which then spells out the destructive word, they begin to break up said words. Until The Eye comes. A Black Priest that speaks in words and not letters. All are surprised to actually find this leader is none other than Doctor Strange. Turns out the Priests are actually good. There is a battle waging between two groups and both fight for the destruction of everything. The Priests come in and destroy one of the realities so that the other may live. Kill the few to save the many. Looks like the real battle is just beginning.

Earth 2: World's End #8
Apokolips is coming. The Avatars must unite but aren't. None of the heroes are fighting together like they should be.... I had high hopes for this weekly series but every issue is erratic and kinda sloppy. Plot points just keep jumping back for forth for no reason and we go from seemingly unimportant scene to another seemingly unimportant scene within 3-4 pages. Better hurry World's End. You're already starting to lose. me.

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