Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NB of the Week


Amazing Moments Edition
Today had some great issues along with some not so great issues (I'm still looking at you All-New Ultimates...) but more so than any issue, two moments stood out as the best of the week. First the funny...
If you've read any Saga, you know that each issue tends to start with a full first page that sets the tone. From giving birth (twice, one definitely being more graphic) to a beautiful day, the first page is always a great welcome back to the story. In Saga #22, we get one that's almost too childish to believe....

Now, it may just be the storytelling of a ghost to amuse a little child, but still. She farted a universe. That's awesome. Even if it makes me very juvenile.
The second moment is much more badass.
From Original Sin - Thor & Loki #4, Thor has been captured by the Angels of Heven and betrayed by his brother (now a female again so sister?). As he's chained and beaten, we see that Loki was actually betraying the Angels and Thor seems to be aware of it. As the Queen of Angels talks down to the Odinson, she gets news that clouds have started forming in their land where there are no clouds. He lets her in on a little news:
"Are they any in your Heven who have seen a storm? You know wealth, Queen of Angels. You know power. But I fear you know little of thunder. And now... You have made the master of storms your prisoner. And I have called my great servant to me. While you played games. And though it took time for it to cross the span of realms and meet you... The Storm Is Here."

The God of Thunder has joined his heavy friend once more and he is ready to finally talk to them about his sister. Thor doesn't get more badass than this. One more issue to go to see just how mad he's going to get over Angela.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Clif-Notes: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

There is little setup needed for this movie. Fans and normals alike pretty much all know what Turtles is about so why bother repeating it here? All that matters is my opinion:
This movie was pretty badass.
People can clamor and complain all they want (and it's been done in droves) but this movie is what summer action should be. Was there hokey writing? Yes sir. Acting worthy of Oscars? Definitely not. Giant ninja turtle mutants who kick ass and fight for our safety? Bet the house on it. Here's my take on it: if you went into this movie wanting anything more than just fun action, you have sadly misled yourself and are living a lie. I'm a big Turtles fan. Probably so much that it's possible I'm slightly blind to the quality that others may see but I loved this movie. The original movies weren't that great. Let's all take a look back and remember how cheesy those were:
Jose Canseco jokes between Raph and Casey (among many other sports puns).
A trench coat blinds people to seeing a walking turtle with a giant shell.
Casey giving off after-school-special advice for the young kids of the Foot.
"I made a funny!"
Secret of the Ooze was littered with horrible one-liners from every character and even background characters.
Vanilla Ice.
We loved these movies not for their quality but for how awesome and fun it was for us to watch. The cartoon is gimmicky as they all were back then. The movies and poor and not well made. But we love them all. Yet when this movie comes out, everybody wants to bitch and moan about the casting of Megan Fox or how this isn't how the Turtles look (because we all know what mutant turtles are suppose to look like) but nobody wants to praise how awesome the fighting was or how the characterizing of the Turtles and even Splinter were spot on. Aesthetics may have been different than what we knew growing up but too f-ing bad. Leo was stern. Raph was angry and forceful. Donnie was a chatty lab geek. Mikey was dumb and funny. This is the Turtles family I've grown up with and I can absolutely let go of all the movie problems that were outside of that.
Except Swiss Army Shredder. That was pretty dumb.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Boobs of the Day

Something's off about this version of Aquaman but I just can't figure it out...
If only I could put my hands on it...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NB of the Week


Supreme: Blue Rose #1 & 2
Written by Warren Ellis
Drawn by Tula Lotay

A month ago, Image comics released the first issue of Supreme: Blue Rose which was a relaunch-type take on Rob Liefeld's Supreme. In it, we find reporter Diana Dane setting out on a journey to find the mysterious Ethan Crane (Supreme). To do so, she must team up with the rich Darius Dax and his many resources (Think Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor).... That's kinda all I can make out so far but stay with me for a minute.
If you've ever read Warren Ellis, you know he can be a weird writer. He's one of those crazy Brits that approach stories differently and you  almost have finish the journey before you can fully understand why you took it. So far, one doesn't need to know the Supreme history in order to get what's going on here. In fact, one doesn't need to know anything because it's almost a little too confusing to understand anyhow. And that's where it's beauty lies. Ellis tells just enough story to grasp what's happening but leaves it confusing enough that you feel like you just learned something scientific. It's beautifully confusing. On top of that is the gorgeous art of Tula Latoy, which has just enough abstract flow to add to the confusion. It's been a great read and I plan on staying with Ellis through this for now but I'm sure by it's/his end, I'll have to read it all again to make sure I even understood it..

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NB of the Week

“You treat a disease, you win, you lose.
You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.”

Captain America #23
Written by Rick Remender
Drawn by Carlos Pacheco

The mysterious person from Dimension Z finds his way into the Avengers' house, looking for Steve. Tony Stark tries to intercept but the armored man dodges everything, Thor joins and can't stop him. In comes Hulk and still nothing. This man is real good but he does one thing wrong: he underestimated Steve. Rogers may be an old man now but he still knows a thing or two and takes the man to the ground. He tells the figure to that if he's a smart man, he'll stay down.
"I always stand up. Like my dad taught me."
Revealing himself, Steve is shocked to see the face of Ian, the son he thought he had killed.
After quick introductions, Ian tells Steve he's here to stop the attacks Zola started in the last issue. The plan is hopefully simple: Ian and the heavies attack from outside while Falcon and Jet (not yet aware of her brother's revival) attack from the inside, undetected. As Ian and the others come face to face and mutate versions of the Avengers, we cut back to Sam and Jet as they sneak inside Zola's tower. What they find surprises Sam. Chained up and on the floor is Sharon Carter. Alive. Ian says it's been ten years in Z since Steve left. Wonder what Zola has done to Sharon in that decade.
This is billed as the big ending to what Remender started in issue one and it's showing. Ian back and alive. Sharon back and alive. This is what Remender is great at. Big scope stories and long plots. And it gives the finger to all those fans who bitched that he killed of Carter and Brubaker made her such a strong character. Female Thor has gotten all the attention but Remender is relaunching Cap with Sam as the new mantle. With Ian possibly by his side and Sharon back to kick ass, I'm more excited for this than I have been since it first started.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

NB of the Week

Climb All the Mountains,
Traverse All the Canyons,
When the Hunt Has Started,
You Can't Hide from the Runs
(It still rhymes so it counts....)

Iron Fist: the Living Weapon #5
Kung Fu Girl is pretty badass for being a little girl but she's no match for the whatever-it-is that's after her so she runs. Back with Danny and his shattered hands, he is able to remember his childhood as he watched a prospected Iron Fist face the Challenge of The One, which is how he knows this monstrosity posing as his father. He's more machine now but since Danny took his head their first fight, he decided to return with another. Back to Kung Fu Girl, we now see what it is that she's stolen: a dragon egg. And wouldn't ya know it, she tripped and now it's hatching.

Miles Morales: the Ultimate Spider-Man #4
Miles is in a showdown with Norman Osborn, AKA Green Goblin and it's being televised to everybody with a tv. Miles is holding better than we'd expect but still getting beaten. When out from behind comes... Spider-Man!? Assuming he's real, Peter joins in as new and old Spider-Man team up and send Goblin running. As police surround the carnage, we get Aunt May's reaction to what she's seeing on the tv: "I know... I know it's him. My Peter is Alive."

Original Sin - Thor & Loki #3
Few words are spoken between Angela and Thor as the two still don't know who the other is exactly. He is the Prince of Nothing and she is an angry chick wanting to fight. Meanwhile, Loki and the Queen of Angels get to more talking and she explains some hidden past with him. At the end of the issue, Thor loses the fight but isn't killed when it's said that the Mistress of Strategies wants him. Which turns out to be Loki, turned female again. Apparently he's just more comfortable with boobs.

Earth 2 #26
As enjoyable as it was, The Kryptonian story ends a little lackluster as everything is kinda just done with. For now. Aquawoman is able to stop Bedlam and thus shut the Boom Tube and stopping the invasion. Back at the Superman fight is where things get wonky. Val-Zod (the new Kryptonian) is fighting Superman when Superman begins to crack and crumble. He then starts speaking like Bizarro only to turn to dust and scattered about by Red Tornado... No explanation and it just kinda stopped. It was like Taylor didn't quite know how to end it. But at least we're given that Superman did not turn evil. Mostly.

New Avengers #22
Namor has cross the line and done exactly what the team set out to do. Yes, you read that. They creates a device to destroy the other Earth during an Incursion if need and he used it when the others decided they shouldn't. So he and Panther finally throw down. After a lot of blows, Hulk stops 'em and Namor finally reveals that during Infinity, he's the one who sent Thanos' people to Wakanda and he'd do it again. They're all monsters, he just knows how to admit it. And with that, everybody goes their own way and we're left with an along Reed Richards as he gets another warning that another Incursion is coming.