Wednesday, August 6, 2014

NB of the Week

Climb All the Mountains,
Traverse All the Canyons,
When the Hunt Has Started,
You Can't Hide from the Runs
(It still rhymes so it counts....)

Iron Fist: the Living Weapon #5
Kung Fu Girl is pretty badass for being a little girl but she's no match for the whatever-it-is that's after her so she runs. Back with Danny and his shattered hands, he is able to remember his childhood as he watched a prospected Iron Fist face the Challenge of The One, which is how he knows this monstrosity posing as his father. He's more machine now but since Danny took his head their first fight, he decided to return with another. Back to Kung Fu Girl, we now see what it is that she's stolen: a dragon egg. And wouldn't ya know it, she tripped and now it's hatching.

Miles Morales: the Ultimate Spider-Man #4
Miles is in a showdown with Norman Osborn, AKA Green Goblin and it's being televised to everybody with a tv. Miles is holding better than we'd expect but still getting beaten. When out from behind comes... Spider-Man!? Assuming he's real, Peter joins in as new and old Spider-Man team up and send Goblin running. As police surround the carnage, we get Aunt May's reaction to what she's seeing on the tv: "I know... I know it's him. My Peter is Alive."

Original Sin - Thor & Loki #3
Few words are spoken between Angela and Thor as the two still don't know who the other is exactly. He is the Prince of Nothing and she is an angry chick wanting to fight. Meanwhile, Loki and the Queen of Angels get to more talking and she explains some hidden past with him. At the end of the issue, Thor loses the fight but isn't killed when it's said that the Mistress of Strategies wants him. Which turns out to be Loki, turned female again. Apparently he's just more comfortable with boobs.

Earth 2 #26
As enjoyable as it was, The Kryptonian story ends a little lackluster as everything is kinda just done with. For now. Aquawoman is able to stop Bedlam and thus shut the Boom Tube and stopping the invasion. Back at the Superman fight is where things get wonky. Val-Zod (the new Kryptonian) is fighting Superman when Superman begins to crack and crumble. He then starts speaking like Bizarro only to turn to dust and scattered about by Red Tornado... No explanation and it just kinda stopped. It was like Taylor didn't quite know how to end it. But at least we're given that Superman did not turn evil. Mostly.

New Avengers #22
Namor has cross the line and done exactly what the team set out to do. Yes, you read that. They creates a device to destroy the other Earth during an Incursion if need and he used it when the others decided they shouldn't. So he and Panther finally throw down. After a lot of blows, Hulk stops 'em and Namor finally reveals that during Infinity, he's the one who sent Thanos' people to Wakanda and he'd do it again. They're all monsters, he just knows how to admit it. And with that, everybody goes their own way and we're left with an along Reed Richards as he gets another warning that another Incursion is coming.

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