Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NB of the Week


Supreme: Blue Rose #1 & 2
Written by Warren Ellis
Drawn by Tula Lotay

A month ago, Image comics released the first issue of Supreme: Blue Rose which was a relaunch-type take on Rob Liefeld's Supreme. In it, we find reporter Diana Dane setting out on a journey to find the mysterious Ethan Crane (Supreme). To do so, she must team up with the rich Darius Dax and his many resources (Think Superman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor).... That's kinda all I can make out so far but stay with me for a minute.
If you've ever read Warren Ellis, you know he can be a weird writer. He's one of those crazy Brits that approach stories differently and you  almost have finish the journey before you can fully understand why you took it. So far, one doesn't need to know the Supreme history in order to get what's going on here. In fact, one doesn't need to know anything because it's almost a little too confusing to understand anyhow. And that's where it's beauty lies. Ellis tells just enough story to grasp what's happening but leaves it confusing enough that you feel like you just learned something scientific. It's beautifully confusing. On top of that is the gorgeous art of Tula Latoy, which has just enough abstract flow to add to the confusion. It's been a great read and I plan on staying with Ellis through this for now but I'm sure by it's/his end, I'll have to read it all again to make sure I even understood it..

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