Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Natalie Portman
Much like Tine Fey, Natalie Portman does not have a well-endowed chest but that doesn't stop her from being amazingly sexy. She is the epitome of beauty and in such, her chest beats out most others. It's all about how you use it and she can use it on me any time she wants. With cool whip.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NB of the Week

Green Arrow #10
I'm going to be honest here: I think Arrow has an unfair advantage. Believe me when I say that I have never read an Arrow title as good as this new launch has been and I don't want to take anything away from it but at the end of the day it's still a Green Arrow book and I think that may always push it's greatness above other great things. I expect Geoff Johns to be brilliant. I expect Captain America to be amazing. Arrow just always seems to work against itself so it's greatness seems that much more each issue. But I digress.
Jason Blood and the demon Etrigan have been separated. Now Blood fights alongside Arrow to protect the forest that Etrigan now plagues. But this issue is mostly about Galahad. At the end of issue nine, Etrigan opened the forest up and swallowed Galahad. This issues shows that may have been a bad move. The forest is now "healing" Galahad's mind. He goes through a journey where he comes across a church. Inside, he stumbles towards a knight's armor laid across a table as if it were a dead person, all while we are reading lines from Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Sir Galahad and The Holy Grail. As he makes his way closer and he opens and helmet's visor, we see a young girl. A quick flash to a hospital shows Galahad, looking all to human, crying over the girl's body, the doctor telling him "she's gone". We then get the real story of this "Galahad" as he recalls caring for his sick daughter Amber. He once taught literature. His passion was Arthurian Legend.
"When she died, I simply couldn't take it. My life came crashing down and I needed something... A purpose. A passion. A quest. I know now. I see the truth. My name was not Galahad. I was just a father. I wasn't a knight. But because of her... I am now."
And with that Galahad crashed out of a tree, striking Etrigan with the sword laid upon his child's body. With it's last effort, Etrigan raises some more demons, including the Green Arrow that shot the real Arrow in the head in issue 3 (...did I forget to tell you that?). We are left with a final page of Ollie looking at his evil self saying, "The black heart of evil. It's the forest."
Again, I know Arrow shouldn't be this good but this is damn good stuff. I love the vibe JT Krul has brought into this book. After so many years of Arrow never quite hitting a stride, this book pops up and makes him a force. The mysticism of old Camelot, the bravery and honor of old Errol Flynn. It's everything they based Green Arrow on but never actually made him be. And the power of the forest and the While Lantern is suppose to be explained in the last few issues of Brightest Day which is coming this next month and I can't wait for it. I look forward to a lot of great stories to be told in this title.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Hello Nurse
It seems like most of us watched Animaniacs at some point in the 90's and I am no exception. While at Best Buy the other week, they had the dvds on sale and I decided to live a little of my childhood again and bought the first two volumes. Great show. Like many other early 90's shows, it was way ahead of it's time in humor and... adult taste. Including Hello Nurse. Another fake lady that I enjoy looking at. Which is actually pretty sad...


Comic Book ReCap

Tales of the Marvels: Wonder Years #1-2
For a few years, I couldn't remember the name of this mini. It had been lent to me years ago in the shop and I wanted my own copies ever since. Looking through my comics, I came across the copies I found a bit ago and decided to read them, giving you the chance to not have to.
(The Tales of Marvels stories were all stories dealing with the varied pasts of the Marvel Universe and were a more "civilian" look at the hero community)
Wonder Years tells the story of Cindy Knuts as she moves out to the west coast to be closer to her idol. Wonder Man. She is secretary of a fan club dedicated to him and is held in high regard as she has actually been saved by him. After a battle with Red Ronin, she had a pair of his signature red glasses and knew that is was destiny they be together ever since. Also in the club is her new best friend, Bernie Sedaka, who is quite obsessed with him as well. The two share stories of love and have movie nights and generally anything that has anything to do with Wonder Man. Issue one ends with the announcement that they West Coast Avengers have disbanded, leaving the two girls very upset and distraught. Heading over to their old headquarters, the two girls are actually there when the Kree invade and kill Wonder Man.
Issue two is where this story really grabs ya. Cindy knows how the hero community works. They aren't like normal people. They don't have to worry about things like death
"Death is for real people. It's miserable and ugly and all about auto wrecks and malignant lumps and cholesterol."
She knows that he will make a triumphant return and they they will be together. Not like Bernie, who is overreacting and won;'t stop crying. She doesn't understand it all all. Wonder Man knew his fans loved him though, so the fan club was given to invites to his memorial and everyone else decided that Cindy and Bernie should go. Cindy know that this is her chance. This will be his huge comeback and she will finally get to see his again. As she sits amongst the likes of Nick Fury and Thor, Cindy sees something odd. Scarlet Witch is crying. But why would she be crying if she understood what Cindy understood. Unless Cindy was wrong. And with that clarity, Cindy suddenly sees all the signs that her depressed friend had been showing and runs out of the memorial hoping she isn't too late. After busting through Bernie's door, Cindy lugs her body to safety, saving her from a suicide attempt. We are then left with two final pages where Cindy arrives at Wonder Man's grave, giving him his glasses back and left with this monologue:
"Guess -- uh -- you didn't make it here today either. I had things to do. Destiny things. So it's been a tough day.I'm beat but I wanted to stop by before I went home.I think we should stop seeing watch other. It's for the best. I'm going to be busy with stuff. Just this afternoon, I realized. I've been letting a lot of things slide. It wasn't your fault. It was just me. But I got a grip on things now. Feels good. And so I figured I didn't want to wait around anymore. Sorry if that messes up the stereotype. Anyway, I wanted you to have these back. Didn't want you to think I'd stolen them or something. Well... I'd better be going. Thanks for everything. It's been fun. See you."
I've read a lot of these books based around the Busiek and Ross Marvels and this is easily my favorite other than that one (granted it's written by Abnett and Lanning and if you read my stuff, you know that I love them). It's a great story that holds very true to today and will for a long time. Obsession and lust can take over anyone and make them see the world differently and this tale told it perfectly. And it's a comic of all things. This type of story told in a novel form would get rave reviews and be held over us all. Throw in some paintings by Igor Kordey and it's nothing more than a forgotten comic from 1995. I would absolutely recommend this one if you haven't read it (and I'm guessing it's safe to assume none of you have). Amazing tale that deserves a lot more praise than what has been given to it.


I just saw a Cheetos commercial while eating Cheetos. Does anyone else think that's weird? I think it's a little weird. It's like they have a tunnel into my mind...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boobs of the Day

I have argued with many a man about whether or not Fergie is attractive but it all seems to stem from her face. Lets be men and leave that part out. As I was watching tv this morning, a Dr Pepper commercial came on with Ms Fergie in it and her body is smokin' and I don't see how people can deny that. Her bazongas really are fergalicious and for that I thank her.

Boobs of the Day

The Girls of Sucker Punch
Read my review of Sucker Punch if you haven't already. These chicks were badass and super hot. All had amazing outfits and all had amazing skin popping out of them. Today, I welcomed 12 new boobs into the club and I couldn't be happier. This party is getting pretty awesome.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Clif-Notes: Sucker Punch

When I brought up reviews of SP yesterday, I was very surprised to be reading about how much people hated it. Nobody seemed to get the same story I got out of this.
Sucker Punch tells the story of Babydoll, who is wrongly imprisoned in an insane asylum, and must band together with four others to try and escape the Hell they live in.
I came out of this movie a bit blown away. Anyone who has seen the trailers or seen 300 and Watchmen, knows that Snyder is going to make this movie one of the biggest visual orgasms around. And it was. In order to steal the things they need to escape the asylum, Babydoll dances the most mesmerizing and beautiful dance people have seen, leaving said items open to steal. These dance sequences are then replaced with the outlandish words that Babydoll has created for herself in order to get through what it is they have to do. Each world is brilliant and vibrant and alive as though it were real. The action was great. Like a "live action" video game.
They story was the weakest part. It's simplistic nature was a bit disappointing as you get most of the story in the trailers. However, the think that really took me was how much we talked about it afterwards. It's an ending that doesn't sit right, but in talking things out, it's an ending that has much more meaning the hidden plot than you realize. Still has me thinking and figuring things out.
I loved this movie. Plain and simple. It had it's flaws but the good far outweighed the bad. And believe it or not, Vanessa Hudgens was pretty good. Could have been a stunt-double at times, but I will give her the credit. Either way, do yourself a favor and go see this. Favorite movie of the year so far for me and I plan on seeing it again as soon as I get the chance.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Antje Traue
You guys ever see Pandorum? Awesome movie. The right amount of cheese with awesome sci-fi. Not the greatest movie but I'm a big fan. In it, Ben Foster must fight cannibal-type monsters and figure out what's happened to the ship's crew. Amongst those he finds is Nadia, played by German born Antje Traue. I have not watched her in any other movies but that's ok cuz she's a badass in this movie. And because of that, and her chesticles, I invite her into the club.

Full Cap Trailer

First official Captain America trailer has been released. Makes the movie look that much cooler for me. I hope it turns out to be the awesome action-fest that it looks like it could be.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NB of the Week

Green Lantern #64
(Spoilers abroad in here, so stop reading Ken)
War of the Lanterns begins with this issue and spreads across all three Lantern books over the next few months. As this issue begins, all we really have known is that the renegade Guardian Krona is behind it but by end we get a much fuller storyline. As Hal Jordan and the New Guardians (Sinestro, Saint Walker, Carol Ferris, Atrocitus, Larfleez and Indigo-1) look for Krona and the Entities he has stolen, they come across the Book of the Black, finding it's more than they ever thought. As that happens, Krona has taken the Entities to the Guardians of Oa. Showing them what true emotion is, he has six of the Entities take them as their hosts, leaving Parallax to enter the Central Battery, taking control of all Green Lanterns. We now know why the Lanterns are at War with each other.
Not much can be said for this book that I haven't already said. Geoff Johns is amazing. This book is amazing. You absolutely should be reading this is you have even the slightest interest in comics. I do not see how you can be disappointed with it.

Boobs of the Day

After a recent run with the Percy Jackson books, I had a desire to reread my Incredible Hercules comics (which is an amazing run and you should pick up if you haven't already). I won't ruin anything, but his sister Athena plays a huge role in things to come. Not many things are as hot as a smart-ass, goddess of wisdom and Athena is exactly that. She would probably end up killing me or selling me to a rogue group pf Amazons, but it may be worth it just to lay eyes on her.
The first official Goddess to join BotD.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pain in my 'S'

I just want to say that I get kinda mad when people buy anything and everything with the Superman 'S' on it when they aren't even fans. I get that it's a symbol larger than the comics and I get that it has come to represent more than just a character but I get really mad when I see somebody wearing it when you know they have never even read a comic. Makes me mad. Be a fan and don't just steal it. Asshats.

Boobs of the Day

Salma Hayek
As I sit and watch episodes of 30 Rock, I am a little taken by how many celebrities have started showing up in season three. Apparently they all decided at once that it was funny and worthy of their appearances. One of those celebs is Salma Hayek. What else needs to be said about her jubblies? Nothing much at all, that's what else.
Welcome to the club.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Brain Tunes

I found this new band online today. I'm becoming a big fan. Great music and I love the singing/rock bands. Only bad thing is that they are a religious band. And that doesn't bother me but now every time I hear them, I can really only pay attention to their words about love and the lord. Not a bad thing, just not why I listen to music. Anywho, great stuff.
Here's New Fire by Sent By Raven

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Rosario Dawson
Clerks II was on last night and it reminded me how hot Ms Dawson is. Very curvy and very real. Easily the girl next door kinda hot. And if you don't agree, just look at her... um, "dancing" that goes on here. Showing why she deserves to be BotD.

Boobs of the Day

The Chris-es
I really can't say much that doesn't make me look like what you are already thinking. I would absolutely go gay for either of these men in a heartbeat. I would make them pancakes in the morning so they would stay with me longer.
I also am a little sickened by these claims.
The first and probably only men to get BotD: Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Double Dose of DC

In two bits of news, it's apparently been confirmed that Kevin Costner will play Johnathan Kent along side Diane Lane's Ma Kent. Costner was said to have signed on to the new Superman but his role has only been speculation. I can see this being cool. Much like Lane, I don't really follow his movies but I think he has the look and feel of a Pa Kent. So far, I'm following Snyder and Nolan on whatever they do with this movie.

On another side, a picture of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman has been released. Palicki will star as WW in the new TV series and Elizabeth Hurley will star as the villainous Veronica Cale. Palicki, while not a big name in my book, was the main, prego-with-the-savior lady in Legion from last year and she was also Sam's girlfriend in Supernatural. Before she burned to death on the ceiling, obviously. Not sure whether this show will be any good (can't be worse than Birds of Prey) but with these two ladies sluggin' it out, I'm more than willing to find out.

Clif-Notes: Paul

I'm just gonna be completely honest. This move really had nothing original. You know how the movie will play out almost from jump street. The minute another character comes on screen, you can pretty mush guess what role they are gonna play for the story.
That said, I loved this movie for that exact reason. After trailer number one for this movie, I was excited. There were actually a lot of parts where I was the only one in the theater who was laughing, which was a bit sad.
In case you don't like comedy and have never heard of this one, Paul tells the story of two, sci-fi-comic nerd who, after Comic Com, plan a trip across the bottom states to visit all the major sci-fi hubs (Area 51, Roswell). Things get a little too real when they come across an actual alien (Paul) who they have to help get to a meeting point where his people will come and take him back.
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are hilarious as usual but it was surprisingly Kristen Wiig who made me laugh the loudest. After Paul opens her eyes to the universe, she takes to swearing and she's not really the best at it. Jason Bateman was Jason Bateman as usual as the FBI agent who is trying to bring Paul back in.
If you loved Pegg and Frost's other movies or if you just thought this movie looked good, you should enjoy it. Great flick and worth paying for.

Boobs of the Day

Michelle Rodriguez
I know a lot of people disagree with me on my opinions of hot chicks and I know Ms. Rodriguez has been one of them. I also know that I don't care. I have a thing for ladies who could beat the holy-crap outta me and she definitely fits the bill. Throw in an amazing body that I wanna cook some eggs on and you have yourself a new addition to BotD.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clif-Notes: Battle LA

First off, I have to say this movie is not called Battlefield LA, or Battle of LA of Battle for LA. Though they sound grammatically correct, they are not and hearing them repeated all day is damned annoying.
That being said, this movie was actually pretty awesome. Don't get me wrong, this was not a great movie. Scattered plot-holes, bad acting, bad dialogue. And it was awesome. It was basically one giant video game. You don't care about the problems cuz the action was just cool. Things blowing up, alien robot things and people being shot. A lot. I didn't expect much from this movie, which probably helped but oh well. Critics be damned. This movie was great fun from start to finish. Worth renting once it hits dvd if you wanna wait for it. If you think it looks amazing, rub to it. It shall be waiting.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NB of the Week

Brightest Day #22
For some reason, Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi are the only people who can make me like Firestorm. Up to this point, I haven't cared much for him/them. There are too many people who are bonded to each other for me to follow or care. However, this issue makes him pretty bad-ass. And it's really not even him. It was completely done by the White Lantern. As with Martian Manhunter, NB of the week comes from when Firestorm is given his life back by the Lantern. After Professor Stein (used to be bonded to Ronnie as Firestorm) is killed by Deathstorm (the Black Lantern version of Firestorm), Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond (the two currently bonded to the Firestorm matrix) put aside their differences to "Kick their asses". Which is apparently what the White Lantern has wanted. It gives back Ronnie's life fully and destroys the Black Lanterns that were attacking.
Something about these splash pages of characters getting their lives back is awesome. This book was probably second best this week but no single moment beat out this shot and with only four issues left, I expect to have a few more moments like this by series' end.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Camille Ford
Facts about Ms. Ford:
-Host of Travel Channel's Food Wars
-Is a championship arm wrestler
-Use to teach pole-dancing aimed at aerobics and "female empowerment"
Welcome to the club, Camille Ford. Enjoy the stay.

Conan Worries

Have you seen the new Conan the Barbarian teaser trailer? After seeing this movie poster (along with set photos) I was pretty amped to see how this movie turned out. Then they released this trailer and I about shit myself.
Photos = Awesome. Trailer = Crap.
Sound off on whether you agree or not.

Boobs of the Day

Tina Fey (Adam had this 6 months ago. Always ahead...)
As I sit here watching 30 Rock, I continue to be surprised how hot Tina Fey keeps getting. She may be the ultimate comic book chick. And those glasses (not pictured) give off the sexy librarian vibe and I love it. So here's to the medium-sized boobs of the world. We love you all just the same.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Brain Tunes

I got the newest Red cd the other day and have been really enjoying it. In talking to my brother about it, he mentioned there was a second album between their first one he burned me years ago and this one. He was also quick to point out they remade a Duran Duran song. As I have now listened to said song repeatedly, it is my obligation to share it with the rest of you if you have not already heard it. I love it. Maybe you will too. (and in case you wonder, they have heavier stuff and this is not what they all sound like)

Boobs of the Day

As I sit and re-watch Chuck season one, two things pop into my mind. First: this show was much better at the start then it has been lately. Not that it's now bad, but it's different and I liked it better to start. Second: Yvonne Strahovski is definitely hot. And thanks to the Halloween episode, I was given another fantasy to dream and my BotD.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boobs of the Day

I plugged in the nice, old, 32-bit cartridge Sega Genesis while at Aaron's tonight and the memories started flooding in. In particular, Phelios, wherein you are Apollo trying to rescue your lover Artemis who has been taken captive by Typhon (we didn't really care or know how off the mythology was back then). The game was really more my brother's to play but I remember watching. In that, I was mostly trying to watch for Artemis. You see, whenever you beat the big boss of each level, she appeared, revealing another message for you. Each time, more of the rock wall that blocked her was removed and each time I watched, I would hope that more skin would suddenly appear, even though I knew it never would. So for old-time's sake, I give out BotD to a lady who rocked me at such a young age.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Gaiman Writes Weird S**t

Word is released that Chinese producer Zhang Jizhong (yes, that is his real name...) has hired Neil Gaiman to write scripts (planned trilogy) adapting the ancient Chinese folk, Journey to the West. Why is Gaiman perfect for this? Here's the premise of the story:
"Journey is a 500-year-old story by Wu Cheng'en, detailing the events that befall the Monkey King, armed with a magic staff, as he journeys with a monk, a pig spirit and a fish spirit to India to retrieve Buddha's scrolls in an effort to find enlightenment."
And who better to write crazy shit like that than Mr. Neil Gaiman? Nobody, that's who. Except maybe Hayao Miyazaki but that's cheating cuz he does these sorta things for Japan all the time.
Thrown in with Gaiman is James Cameron who will be an advisor for the script and things like the 3D technology and such. On top of those two is the possible addition of Guillermo Del Toro to direct. However, there are others in talk, saying Del Toro "has shown a lot of interest but he wants to see the treatment first". Plus I think I read somewhere that he just signed on to direct another movie but there would have to be good spacing anyhow if Gaiman hasn't even written it yet.
I for one would love this. Gaiman's writings have been a favorite of mine ever since I first read my brother's copy of Neverwhere. Del Toro would have some amazing effects and visuals to thrown into it. And say what you want about Cameron (egotistical douche who who actually does think he's the king of the world...) but he has an eye for cinema that not many people have and that could be a huge benefit to these films.
I say get it done. I would be on board with Gaiman alone but the other two are just more icing on the movie cake.
I approve.

Stan Lee Finally Answers

In Mallrats, Brodie asks Stan The Man if the Thing's dork was also made outta rock, to which we never got an answer. Until now.
"I never gave it a thought. I guess common sense would say it was made of orange rock too." said Lee. "But I always thought it was more interesting to think about Reed Richards. As you know, he had the ability to stretch, and sexually, that would seem to be a great asset in many areas."
So there ya go. The answer we all knew already, but said by The Man himself.

Boobs of the Day

Anne Hathaway
I know some people that don't think Miss Hathaway is good looking in the slightest and I respectfully disagree. She has always been a looker but My love didn't start until I saw her in Havoc. In one scene, she proved to me that she was a top actress and a gorgeous lady. Always a pleasure to see her. And her boobs.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clif-Notes: The Eagle

Channing Tatum is not a good actor. Lets just establish that as a given. He's got looks and about as much presence as a coma victim (my apologies to any coma victims who may be reading this). Believe it or not, though, this I really liked this movie. There were even parts where I thought Tatum had hope. The rest of the movie put that idea to rest, but there were parts.
The Eagle tells the story or Marcus Aquila (Tatum) who, after being honorably discharged from his Legion, takes his slave Esca (Jamie Bell) on a journey to find the lost Eagle of his father's Legion, lost many years ago, hoping to restore honor to both he and his father and their family name.
I was pretty surprised by this movie. Jamie Bell has had "smaller" parts on movies like Defiance and King Kong but nothing big since his debut in Billy Elliot. While he takes second place to Tatum's first in the story, he is easily the best actor to be on the screen, Donald Sutherland and Mark Strong included. I was also very impressed with the directing (Kevin Macdonald). Maybe. I don't know movies enough to maybe get more specific but this movie look great the whole way. I actually came outta this one thinking that if it were forty minutes longer and starring Russel Crowe, people would eat it up. The story had a lot of potential to be a huge, "epic" movie like those. It was a bit saddening to see how jumbled it looked at spots. I couldn't help but think that if they could add in another five minutes in between the bigger scenes, that's exactly what we would have had.
This movie will probably not be for everyone. People will easily be caught up in Tatum's bad acting or get hung up on the five pieces of bad dialogue that are spread throughout but they shouldn't. The story was great and the visuals were awesome. Check out this movie when you get a chance. I would love for you to tell me how wrong I am.

Boobs of the Day

I figured the only way to make sure these truly are the best of the day is to wait until the end of it so that better ones don't pop up. With work and all, this may be a little late at times.
Boobs of the Day:
Wonder Woman
WW has been around since 1941 and has been in something tight ever since. As most of you know, the majority of comic readers are male so it makes sense that she would be hot and curvaceous. And as the last page of today's issue shows, she's still got it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

S**t You Don't Know - 17

Moulay Ismel, the Sultan of Morocco from 1672 to 1727, gifted samples of his bowel movements to ladies of the court as a mark of special favor.

NB of the Week

Wonder Woman #608
Seven months ago, writing genius J. Michael Straczynski took over the reigns of Wonder Woman, transporting her to a new world where she is known as Diana from Themyscira and not Wonder Woman. Simultaneously, he also took over Superman, sending him on a walking journey across the country to help reconnect with humanity. Four months into the runs, Straczynski stepped down from both books to work on a sequel to the immensely popular Superman: Earth One and new writers took over the titles, following his plot-lines for his year-planned arcs. While Superman started sucking immediately, Wonder Woman has kept up pretty well.
Wonder Woman had been on a journey to find out who or what has killed her fellow Amazons, including her mother. When this began, she didn't have any powers but as story progresses, she has been gaining them, almost as though she has been earning them as gifts after each "test" she comes across. At the end of last issue, Diana has found that the current fight her and her three sisters have partaken was only a distraction for the massacre that was about to occur to the rest of them. By the time they figure it out, it is too late. Artemis, Giganta and Cheetah have already laid slaughter to everyone. Taking out the three when they get there, leaves Diana the only Amazon left to kill. As they pummel her every which way but loose, she lays in garbage, ready for death to take her. Until a Dr Psycho comes out and rescues her.
This new take on WW has been great. There are a lot of questions still to be answered but I'm more than happy to follow along until they are given. And I almost gave up the title after Straczynski left but Phil Hester has done an amazing job taking over. At times, it actually reads better than Straczynski's work. To be completely honest, it's a little hard to explain why this book was the best of the week by this issue's description alone (only three came out this week, too). However, if you had been reading up to this point, it would make much more sense. A very cool issue in a story that has thrown away most kinds of conventionalism that usually get attached to Wonder Woman. At this point I would say to try it out, but that may have to wait until the end, so that a full story can start taking place.
Cool stuff though.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Feature

I was talking aloud to Adam today and I decided that I was going to start a new set of posts. It's not the most PC thing to do and in all honesty, it may be a little too "adult" for everyone but it's totally something I would do and I'm not going to shy away from it.
As Adam and I were driving around, Chappelle's Show came up and I brought up how I loved when he walked around NY with a crap fake mustache and gave out ribbons to ladies who had "Great New York Boobs". Funny shit and I totally wanted to be that guy. Which is what lead me to my new feature.
Boobs of the Day
I'm not gonna put any nude ones up, so don't worry about that, but I would not be me if I didn't share my love of the female anatomy with everyone. As it stands, I had the very hard task of figuring out which boobs would be my inaugural pair. I thought and I thought and I searched every internet site I could (which was a very daunting and rough task...) and I decided that there can be only one set to kick things off. The one and only Katy Perry.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Brain Tunes

This one may come as a surprise to you, but this one has been in there for almost two weeks now. I think it's a great song and, weirdly enough, I actually think the video is amazing. I think the dancing at the end is stunning work and fits perfectly with the song. I know I sound weird and people probably will think I'm crazy but I really like this song.
Christina Perri - Jar of Hearts

Friday, March 4, 2011

I Agree

After finally watching it, I fully agree with what Adam has to say about Buried.
Read his posting.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cap Just Got Cooler

A "full" pic of the Red Skull was released today and it makes me even more excited for this movie. Hugo Weaving was an excellent choice for this role and this picture confirms it. This movie gets better and better the closer it comes. Now if only they would release a full length trailer...

Ma Kent is Cast

WB has announced that Diane Lane has signed on to play Martha Kent....
Cool. That's about all I have on this one. I've never really watched anything with her so I don't really have a stance on it. She should do a good job. I guess.

NB of the Week

Brightest Day #21
As we draw nearer to the end of BD, we get yet another twist in the soap-opera that is the DCUniverse. We get a full-on Martian Manhunter issue as he deals with D'Kay and her mind games of keeping him for herself bringing back Mars to it's rightful state. However, MM is able to snap outta her hold (surprise) and fight it off. He finally does the only thing he can think of that will stop her for good and that's flying both of them into the sun, killing them both. However, powered by the White Light, MM bursts back out, all decked out in his White outfit. The While Light then tells him he life has been restored and that he has to chose between his two lives: Mars or Earth. As MM flies down to Earth, sensing trouble that's going on and finds the Star Forrest that Arrow has been protecting on the verge of being destroyed. As he lands, MM is met by Deadman who is trying to warn him that he should run and that he doesn't have control of what the White Ring is going to do. MM, in being able to read Deadman's mind, knows what the ring is telling his and he accepts it. He now knows "It's all part of the plan" and he gives himself to it, being pulled into the ground. End issue

I still have no idea what the hell is fully going on but Manhunter becoming part of the Earth is showing a much more hippy stance than I would like. First the Hawks are turned into dust. Second, Aquaman is turned into water (which I could see better once I looked back) and now Manhunter has turned into Earth. Can anyone guess what Firestorm is going to become? A bigger picture for why these heroes were chosen to come back is coming and I hope in the next five issues, it blows me away. I really have no idea what they are doing, but if they all return in one, amalgam form as the new protector of life and the new White Lantern, I will punch someone. Or more likely something because I don't want to be hit back.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Clif-Notes: Drive Angry 3D

Anyone who has seen a trailer for this mess knows that it's not gonna be a good movie. It's Nic Cage and it's cheese. Then again, it's Nic Cage and it's cheese! This movie was amazing! It reminded me of Shoot 'Em Up in the point that people in this movie knew exactly what they were making. They knew they had Nic Cage and they knew they were making a movie about a dude who breaks outta Hell, and kills a bunch of ass-clowns to save his grandbaby.
Front to back, this movie was nothing but pure fun. While bangin' some chick, Nic Cage is asked why he doesn't get naked for it
"I never disrobe before a gunfight."
He then proceeds to shoot and kill a group of hicks, all while the naked chick clings to him. F-ing amazing. And I can't begin to tell you how funny William Fichtner is as The Accountant. He was easily the best part.
Absolutely stupid and absolutely awesome. Do yourself a favor and see this movie.