Friday, March 25, 2011

Clif-Notes: Sucker Punch

When I brought up reviews of SP yesterday, I was very surprised to be reading about how much people hated it. Nobody seemed to get the same story I got out of this.
Sucker Punch tells the story of Babydoll, who is wrongly imprisoned in an insane asylum, and must band together with four others to try and escape the Hell they live in.
I came out of this movie a bit blown away. Anyone who has seen the trailers or seen 300 and Watchmen, knows that Snyder is going to make this movie one of the biggest visual orgasms around. And it was. In order to steal the things they need to escape the asylum, Babydoll dances the most mesmerizing and beautiful dance people have seen, leaving said items open to steal. These dance sequences are then replaced with the outlandish words that Babydoll has created for herself in order to get through what it is they have to do. Each world is brilliant and vibrant and alive as though it were real. The action was great. Like a "live action" video game.
They story was the weakest part. It's simplistic nature was a bit disappointing as you get most of the story in the trailers. However, the think that really took me was how much we talked about it afterwards. It's an ending that doesn't sit right, but in talking things out, it's an ending that has much more meaning the hidden plot than you realize. Still has me thinking and figuring things out.
I loved this movie. Plain and simple. It had it's flaws but the good far outweighed the bad. And believe it or not, Vanessa Hudgens was pretty good. Could have been a stunt-double at times, but I will give her the credit. Either way, do yourself a favor and go see this. Favorite movie of the year so far for me and I plan on seeing it again as soon as I get the chance.

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