Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NB of the Week


Ultimate Spider-Man #22
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Drawn by Sara Pichelli

On a week that had 3 Avengers books, one Remender and two Hickman, Bendis wins out for the same reason most people complain about him: the spot-on character writing. Bendis has a tendency to write a lot of speaking and little story in his arcs, a tendency that makes people complain that his seven or eight issue series (like Secret Invasion) could easily be told in three or four issues. While this is true, his writing helps support his usage in that every issue is great and you tend to not notice it until after it's all said and done and you have a clear picture and even then, readers like myself can see that though it may seem long, it's all done for a reason. Enter Ultimate Spider-Man #22.
After the death of Peter Parker, Miles Morales found himself in a very similar setting: his uncle stole a lab experiment spider that bit Miles and gave him powers like Peter. Over the years, we have come to know this kid and most have come to accept him as worthy of the mantle. But through all his work, Miles hasn't had the one thing that motivated Peter: the death of a loved one and subsequent guilt from feeling responsible. Over this current story, a version of Venom has been hunting Spider-Man and still unknown reasons. Believing Miles' father to be Spidey, he attacks him. After being taken to the hospital, Venom comes looking again only to find Spider-Man trying to stop him. Realizing that it had the wrong person, a fight ensues with Miles' mother finding her son is Spider-Man and trying to stop it. "Swallowing" both Niles and his mother, something goes wrong and the symbiote falls apart, leaving Miles and his mother a a third, naked dude. The police bust in and begin shooting the naked guy and Miles grabs his mother out of the way. As Miles looks down, he sees blood across his mother's chest and begins yelling for a doctor before his mother tries to speak,
"Look at you. Look what you can do. Baby, don't ever let him know. Don't ever let your father--"
And with that, Miles holds the lifeless body of his mother as his friends enter just in time to see the horror. At the end of the issue, Miles wakes up in bed only to find his friend Ganke and Ganke's mother waiting for him. Realizing nothing was a dream, he runs back to him room, grabs his costume, begins ripping it up and claims "no more" over and over.
Bendis may like to progress with words over story but his words are so real and familiar that I savor each one. The death of his mother was heartbreaking. Over the last two years, you have got to know this family and you can feel the pain and anger with her demise. The next issue jumps forward a year in the story and Miles apparently was joking when he said "no more". I can't wait to see where Bendis takes this and I can't wait to see how Miles deals with his own Uncle Ben situation. Talk all you want, Mr. Bendis. You have my attention.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trailer Watch: Thor - The Dark World

The first teaser is out and about and everybody should be watching it (I know most have already but watch it again). This looks pretty damn good so far. November couldn't come faster. Literally. Because it can't move.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Brain Tunes

Adam WarRock
Somehow, I haven't heard about this guy until today and I find that very sad. This dude raps his way over all sorts of geekdom with his tribute to Firefly especially great. Here's a great one called Mal

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Four Colored Frak

Under the launch of the New 52 at DC, Green Arrow has  pretty much failed to capture an audience. New writer Jeff Lemire and new artist Andrea Sorrentino are trying to change that but I'm thinking they'd do best to stay away from sequencing things like this. Could possibly give off the wrong impression...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boobs of the Day

Yvette from Clue
This movie was always a favorite of mine growing up and I think we all know why. Sure I could have just given the invitation to Colleen Camp but that would take away from my fond mammaries of watching Clue throughout my childhood. If Professor Plum could stare the whole movie, why can't I?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trailer Watch: R.I.P.D.

Sure, it may look an awful lot like Men in Black but I'll take Ryan Reynolds and The Dude over Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones any day.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NB of the Week


This week had some pretty damn good books but more than one best issue, there were a lot of great moments. Here are the ones I loved most.
And seriously, spoils for Age of Ultron 6 so turn back if you don't want it's ending.

Ultimate Wolverine #3 (of 4)
James Hudson (son of Wolverine) is following a lead after a hologram of his father told him about an organization called Mothervine. Turns out Magda (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's mother) was also after Mothervine. It also turns out Wolverine wasn't done boffing her because they got pregnant with James. Which makes Quicksilver his half-brother (sadly, Scarlet is currently dead there). Which means that James gets screwed over by Quicksilver and is imprisoned. However, once he is freed and wants revenge, we get a great homage to one of the regular Marvel's best Wolverine moments, "It's My Turn".

Wonder Woman #19
What I believe to be DC's best title right now and one of the few titles to really use the new start to it's advantage, Wonder Woman has joined the Gods as it was revealed that she is the daughter of Zeus. Perfectly set with those Gods, writer Brian Azzarello has begun to bring in the New Gods. In particular Orion, who is brash and annoying as most Gods are. In this great scene, we get just how... ahem... hands on Wonder Woman is in this new role...

Age of Ultron #6
Brian Michael Bendis has said that the ending to Ultron is "unguessable". However, he warned nothing about this ending. Cap and his crew have gone to the future to stop Ultron (which is where he is destroying the "present" from) while Wolverine has made his way into the past (a plan people didn't support) to make sure that Ultron never gets created, which means stopping Pym one way or another. Turns out Cap wasn't prepared enough and Wolverine went with "another". Right after Cap's head gets blasted off...

Sue tries to stop Wolverine from killing Pym, but finally sees that without Pym, her family (and millions more) would still be alive, letting this final page happen. They're gonna need a Doc Brown and they're gonna need him fast.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trailer Watch: The Man of Steel

Yes yes yes yes and yes! I can't believe how excited I am for this movie!

Guardians Cast Their... Yondu?

In a semi-strange casting reveal, Marvel has cast Michael Rooker as Yondu. Rooker has worked with Guardians' helm James Gunn before (Slither & Super) and he "just" finished his stint on Walked Dead as racist, one-handed badass Merle. He's a damn good actor and I'm definitely on board with him joining the cast. The odd thing is that it's as original Guardian Yondu when the current roster and movie are suppose to be based on the latest team/book from the brilliant DnA run (the original also being from the future). My initial assumtion is that with Rooker being a bit older, it's a part that is showing the "history" of the team and not necessarily an active member of the team. Either way, I'm intrigued with the casting and look forward to seeing how he fits in.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Four Colored Frak

Ya know how for years, there was the "rule of the Redshirt" for Star Trek? For those who are new and don't know it, in the old Trek days, the crew member that went on the perilous journey and had the red shirt on was the expendable character and the first to die.
Which leads me to IDW's Star Trek #3 from 2011.
That black guy in the red shirt? That would be Mr. Boma. Yup. They actually call him Mr. Boma. Very subtle with that one guys.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trailer Watch: The Way Way Back

Maybe I'm just getting sentimental in my old age but I'm all for this movie. Looks pretty damn good.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NB of the Week


Hawkeye #9 - Girls
Written by Matt Fraction
Drawn by David Aja

Hawkeye gets my pick for the same reason that Fraction has been nailing this book from the start: everything is personal. This is a book that doesn't (or hasn't yet) tied into any other book and that makes the reader feel more invited into the story and it's characters. Case in point, the death that this issue ends with. It's a "meaningless" death to the Marvel Universe and if you haven't been reading Hawkeye, you don't even know who this person was but that's what makes this book special. Characters that you should have no business caring about (yes, Hawkeye himself is included in that) are important and you feel for them all. And it's only been 9 issues. My jaw dropped as on the last page our "meaningless" and beloved character fell to the ground after being shot in the head. It's a great ending to a book that wins it with every issue. This death will not have an impact in the Avengers and it won't get any mention in a series like Age of Ultron but this death means everything to this book and it's going to be an amazing fight once Clint finds out and goes after the bastard that did it.

The Best of the Rest (or How Thor Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)

Thor: God of Thunder #7 - The title of the starting story "Godbomb" isn't just a clever metaphor. Gorr is building a fudging Godbomb and (a very naked) Young Thor has been enslaved to help build it. Jason Aaron is making me giddy in my pants with every issue.

Uncanny Avengers #6 - Young Thor battles Apocalypse for his first time back in 1013AD and gets his ass handed to him. After Odin refuses to help, Loki puts an enchantment on Thor's axe, Jarnbjorn, that will help defeat Apocalypse. Which it does. Only that wasn't Loki, it was Kang. and he did such things so that in modern time, he can finally unearth Jarnbjorn and use it to his advantage. Remender is planting those same seeds he put in X-Force and I can't wait to see when it all comes together.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Four Colored Frak

Thanks to the title suggestion from Adam, I'm finally putting out those weird comic pictures I've been collecting. Weird, funny, odd, head-scratching and just plain awesome. Any picture that makes me stop and go "Huh..." is eligible.
First up is a personal favorite of mine from Marvel Graphic Novel #33. It's computer generated art finally admits that Tony Stark is nothing more than an alcoholic BTCH.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Emerald Warrior - 2

-A Nine-Year Retrospect, One Story At A Time-

Green Lantern Volume 1: No Fear

Issue 1 - Jordan finds himself back in Coast City as it tries to rebuild itself from being destroyed, which turns out isn't very easy. Not many people want to live in a city that was once blown up by super-powers. How does Hal try to remake himself? by going back into the Force again and flying jets around. Meanwhile, we get a flash to an alien/robot looking thing that is killing anybody that gets in the way of it's mission of locating it's primary target. What's it's target? probably that military truck and it's hidden cargo. But that's just a guess. Back to Jordan and things don't wait in his world long as he gets right back in the Lantern business again, saving a crashing jet. Turns out this thing has two surprises for Hal
1) A Gorgeous, blond named Jillian Pearlman who goes by the name Cowgirl and
B) Some specious looking tech in that jet that looks an awful lot like the color scheme of the Manhunters. Which by the issues last page, seems to be what that military cargo is moving.

Issue 2 - 2 begins with that alien/robot thing killing more people, looking for that cargo of alien/robot things. Seeing the picture yet? We then go back to GL as he helps take the alien jet back to base and he meets back up with his old general Jonathan Stone, whom he decked before being kicked out way back in the day. Shortly after, Hal is back in his Coast apartment with his little brother, trying to figure their shit out. He wants him to move back, he says "no way in hell". typical brother talk. Hal later goes back to the base as the truck with the mystery cargo pulls up to where they also too the jet. And it turns out that, yup, it's a Manhunter and wouldn't ya know it? It attacks. All is well, though, as the alien/robot thing shows up to fight the Manhunter. Things don't give Hal a break for long, sadly, as we find out by issue's end that the alien/robot thing is just a new model of Manhunter and it's his job to destroy the other. And maybe kill himself a Green Lantern in the process.

Issue 3 - In which we get a sweet fight to end the first story. Hal and the Manhunter duke it out for most of the issue, with the Manhunter draining Hal's ring for a bit before Hal then used the Manhunter's face to recharge his ring. After enough damage, Hal takes the robot (and it's self-destruct program) up to the sun to dispose of it. Before it "dies". the Manhunter seemingly begins to feel. Foreboding a bit is that what it feels is fear. Some small points are made in this issue: 1) General Stone, after being punched by Lantern is able to deduce that it's the same punch Jordan gave him years before, thus finding his identity. B) Hal's brother decides it best to move to Coast with Hal, though he doesn't seem very happy about it.
And as a final epilogue, a cloaked figure on the last page revels that his Manhunter was just the beginning and that he has other Lanterns captive. Dun dun dun...

Issue 4 - Hector Hammond makes a strong return here as his mental powers have grown and he is making things pretty hard for Hal to ignore. It turns out that something is responsible for turning a man into what looks like an alien and it also responsible for furthering Hammond's powers. Hal tries to get answers from him but it's sorta hard to get clear answers from a giant head that doesn't talk with words anymore. What he does get is that "they" are back and "they're checking on their other experiment". As the issue closes, we get a nice looking couple swimming in the ocean (I assume it's an ocean) as they are attacked. Adding to Hammond's rants, we get Shark back in the mix as he/it eats the nice looking couple.

Issue 5 - Black Hand just can't catch a break. This issue starts our him the one-handed menace being taken by little, yellow gremlins in what looks like a scene strait form The Twilight Zone. Cut to Hal as he gets wind of Shark killing people and we all know that's a no-no so Hal flies right over. After some sweet fighting (drawn by the amazing Ethan Van Sciver), it turns out that the German-speaking gremlins also want Hal, Shark and Hector as we see Hal and Shark being nabbed by them mid fight with Shark. Meanwhile, not in the Hall of Justice, Black Hand awakens to find himself in costume and laying in the grass. He also finds that he can absorb the life from plant life and it makes his hand grow back. He heads to the nearby hospital to test it's limits and you'll never guess what happens: turns out people life works too (also, this is the obvious seed leading to Blackest Night, a whopping 4 years early!

Issue 6 - Everybody fight everybody in the story's finale. Black Hand shows up at the spaceship of the Yellow, German Gremlins and begins to fight Hal as he claims nobody escapes death and that Hal needs to die again to make things right. Hector's head is cut open as the Gremlins try to dissect his brain. Shark is broken out and begins to try to fight/eat the Gremlins because that's what sharks do. Back to Hal, he shows Hand just how ironic his name is as he cuts the hand right off Hand once again and he is them thrown into a grave (cuz the fight made it's way to a graveyard, naturally). Hand mentions that death is the "true color of the universe", setting up the Black Lanterns even further. Hal turns over the Gremlins and all to the Corps for safe keeping and we're left with Hector Hammond telling the head of the Manhunter (the old one, not the newer one) that he knew all this was coming and that the experiments performed opened him more, making him even more dangerous (which so far only means that he can talk again).

In looking back, you can definitely see all the plans that Johns had in store begin to take root in the Lantern mythos. Best of all is that it doesn't take away form the story that he's telling now. You know it's setting something up but he does it while telling a great, complete story now and it only makes you more excited for what's to come.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NB of the Week

And Thou Shalt Run, Thou Shalt Run So Far Away.
Until Thou Couldn't Get Away

Green Lantern #19
While the Wrath of the First Lantern story has been a bit lackluster, the main Lantern book is still strong. After being pulled from death by Baz, Sinestro travels back to Korugar looking for help. Soon Followed by Volthoom, Korugar is destroyed and Sinestro is the lone survivor. Well, him and the Yellow Battery...

 Dial H #11
The H Dial and the S Dial are full on crazy as it's a little hard to follow the story. But the important thing is that our Heroes, Nelson and Manteau, have discovered that the Dial steals powers from other heroes for the time they're dialed in. Too bad they found this our after stealing the Flash from their own world.

Thanos Rising #1
In the mini that finally tells the origin of the Mad Titan, we find that Thanos was a very smart, very nice and naive child. After a weird girl takes a fancy to him, he is lost in a cave-in. Finally crawling his way out, the other kids with him were found being eaten by lizard creatures. After not wanting to dissect one in class earlier, the weird girl convinces him to kill those creatures. The start of the evil we know today (and possibly the girl starts his infatuation with death...?).

Age of Ultron #4
After last issue reveal that it's actually Vision leading the Ultron charge, Cage and She-Hulk find that Ultron is still pulling the strings but from the future. She-Hulk throws Cage miles away to fight and die on her own. Everybody else seems to realize that the Savage Land holds the key. When they get there, Cage is already there and tells them the truth before dying. They also find that Fury had a plan for this the whole time (as he has plans for pretty much everything) and they get ready to wipe Ultron out of existence.

Earth 2 #11
We find out that Wotan had his/her skin dyed green so that Nabu could always find him/her when he/she is resurrected no matter what form he/she lives in (and yes, it's been established that he/she has been both genders). Meanwhile, Flash and Khalid make their way to the helmet of Fate. As Flash stays behind to battle the Great Beast alone, it inspires Khalid to find the helmet and embrace his path as the new Doctor Fate. Oh and Mister Miracle is mentioned as being a character. What a big moment that turned out to be...

Ultimate X-Men #25
Jean Grey doesn't like that Utopia is trying to be the mecca for all mutants when Tian was that a while ago (see Hickman's Ultimates and Ult Hawkeye run). She infiltrates the place, trying to figure out how to stop everything and everybody. Meanwhile James has reached out to the rogue muscle of the outcast mutants, claiming they should protect mutants no matter which side needs it. Meanwhile meanwhile, the US army is gonna try to shut down Utopia... The issue had a lot of explaining. Great series but not much happened here.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Boobs of the Day

Danielle Fishel
This one is very simple. Nobody coulda told me at the ripe old age of ten, when weird-ass, hippie Topanga first showed up on Boy Meets World that she would turn into this. She covered her face with lipstick once to prove a point about something that I don't remember. That's not hot. This? Hot damn. Little Topanga has come a very long way.