Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NB of the Week


This week had some pretty damn good books but more than one best issue, there were a lot of great moments. Here are the ones I loved most.
And seriously, spoils for Age of Ultron 6 so turn back if you don't want it's ending.

Ultimate Wolverine #3 (of 4)
James Hudson (son of Wolverine) is following a lead after a hologram of his father told him about an organization called Mothervine. Turns out Magda (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's mother) was also after Mothervine. It also turns out Wolverine wasn't done boffing her because they got pregnant with James. Which makes Quicksilver his half-brother (sadly, Scarlet is currently dead there). Which means that James gets screwed over by Quicksilver and is imprisoned. However, once he is freed and wants revenge, we get a great homage to one of the regular Marvel's best Wolverine moments, "It's My Turn".

Wonder Woman #19
What I believe to be DC's best title right now and one of the few titles to really use the new start to it's advantage, Wonder Woman has joined the Gods as it was revealed that she is the daughter of Zeus. Perfectly set with those Gods, writer Brian Azzarello has begun to bring in the New Gods. In particular Orion, who is brash and annoying as most Gods are. In this great scene, we get just how... ahem... hands on Wonder Woman is in this new role...

Age of Ultron #6
Brian Michael Bendis has said that the ending to Ultron is "unguessable". However, he warned nothing about this ending. Cap and his crew have gone to the future to stop Ultron (which is where he is destroying the "present" from) while Wolverine has made his way into the past (a plan people didn't support) to make sure that Ultron never gets created, which means stopping Pym one way or another. Turns out Cap wasn't prepared enough and Wolverine went with "another". Right after Cap's head gets blasted off...

Sue tries to stop Wolverine from killing Pym, but finally sees that without Pym, her family (and millions more) would still be alive, letting this final page happen. They're gonna need a Doc Brown and they're gonna need him fast.

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