Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NB of the Week


Hawkeye #9 - Girls
Written by Matt Fraction
Drawn by David Aja

Hawkeye gets my pick for the same reason that Fraction has been nailing this book from the start: everything is personal. This is a book that doesn't (or hasn't yet) tied into any other book and that makes the reader feel more invited into the story and it's characters. Case in point, the death that this issue ends with. It's a "meaningless" death to the Marvel Universe and if you haven't been reading Hawkeye, you don't even know who this person was but that's what makes this book special. Characters that you should have no business caring about (yes, Hawkeye himself is included in that) are important and you feel for them all. And it's only been 9 issues. My jaw dropped as on the last page our "meaningless" and beloved character fell to the ground after being shot in the head. It's a great ending to a book that wins it with every issue. This death will not have an impact in the Avengers and it won't get any mention in a series like Age of Ultron but this death means everything to this book and it's going to be an amazing fight once Clint finds out and goes after the bastard that did it.

The Best of the Rest (or How Thor Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb)

Thor: God of Thunder #7 - The title of the starting story "Godbomb" isn't just a clever metaphor. Gorr is building a fudging Godbomb and (a very naked) Young Thor has been enslaved to help build it. Jason Aaron is making me giddy in my pants with every issue.

Uncanny Avengers #6 - Young Thor battles Apocalypse for his first time back in 1013AD and gets his ass handed to him. After Odin refuses to help, Loki puts an enchantment on Thor's axe, Jarnbjorn, that will help defeat Apocalypse. Which it does. Only that wasn't Loki, it was Kang. and he did such things so that in modern time, he can finally unearth Jarnbjorn and use it to his advantage. Remender is planting those same seeds he put in X-Force and I can't wait to see when it all comes together.

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