Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NB of the Week

And Thou Shalt Run, Thou Shalt Run So Far Away.
Until Thou Couldn't Get Away

Green Lantern #19
While the Wrath of the First Lantern story has been a bit lackluster, the main Lantern book is still strong. After being pulled from death by Baz, Sinestro travels back to Korugar looking for help. Soon Followed by Volthoom, Korugar is destroyed and Sinestro is the lone survivor. Well, him and the Yellow Battery...

 Dial H #11
The H Dial and the S Dial are full on crazy as it's a little hard to follow the story. But the important thing is that our Heroes, Nelson and Manteau, have discovered that the Dial steals powers from other heroes for the time they're dialed in. Too bad they found this our after stealing the Flash from their own world.

Thanos Rising #1
In the mini that finally tells the origin of the Mad Titan, we find that Thanos was a very smart, very nice and naive child. After a weird girl takes a fancy to him, he is lost in a cave-in. Finally crawling his way out, the other kids with him were found being eaten by lizard creatures. After not wanting to dissect one in class earlier, the weird girl convinces him to kill those creatures. The start of the evil we know today (and possibly the girl starts his infatuation with death...?).

Age of Ultron #4
After last issue reveal that it's actually Vision leading the Ultron charge, Cage and She-Hulk find that Ultron is still pulling the strings but from the future. She-Hulk throws Cage miles away to fight and die on her own. Everybody else seems to realize that the Savage Land holds the key. When they get there, Cage is already there and tells them the truth before dying. They also find that Fury had a plan for this the whole time (as he has plans for pretty much everything) and they get ready to wipe Ultron out of existence.

Earth 2 #11
We find out that Wotan had his/her skin dyed green so that Nabu could always find him/her when he/she is resurrected no matter what form he/she lives in (and yes, it's been established that he/she has been both genders). Meanwhile, Flash and Khalid make their way to the helmet of Fate. As Flash stays behind to battle the Great Beast alone, it inspires Khalid to find the helmet and embrace his path as the new Doctor Fate. Oh and Mister Miracle is mentioned as being a character. What a big moment that turned out to be...

Ultimate X-Men #25
Jean Grey doesn't like that Utopia is trying to be the mecca for all mutants when Tian was that a while ago (see Hickman's Ultimates and Ult Hawkeye run). She infiltrates the place, trying to figure out how to stop everything and everybody. Meanwhile James has reached out to the rogue muscle of the outcast mutants, claiming they should protect mutants no matter which side needs it. Meanwhile meanwhile, the US army is gonna try to shut down Utopia... The issue had a lot of explaining. Great series but not much happened here.

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