Friday, May 28, 2010

Wesley Gibson Will Kick Magneto's Ass

Reports are coming in that Mr. Wanted (aka James McAvoy) has signed on to play one mister Professor Charles Xavier in the First Class movie.... Do I like it? Kinda. I like me some McAvoy but I don't know I feel about him playing Professor X. It seems like a weird choice but this wouldn't be the first time I scoffed at a choice. I suppose we shall see. Sadly, all it has to take is him getting me to get a gay crush on him and I'm aboard. Don't even care about the acting. That's how sick I really am.

I Don't Hate My Diabetes THAT Much

Some people will do stupid stuff to control their diabetes. I read this today:

"Eating extra veggies is a good goal, but an 88-year-old Chinese woman took the quest too far, consuming enough raw bok choy to send herself into a life-threatening, thyroid-induced coma, doctors say.

The woman showed up at a New York emergency room last summer, complaining she couldn't walk or swallow. But the real trouble, according to a report in Wednesday's New England Journal of Medicine, was that she'd been chowing down on 2 to 3 pounds of bok choy every day for several months in hopes of controlling her diabetes."

It goes on to say that raw bok choy has an enzyme that causes the thyroid to stop working. She turned out ok after they put a lot of thyroid hormone in her but it's still stupid and crazy and I think I'll stick with just putting a tub in me.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Never Really Wanted Kids...

... But I may try to steal this one.

50 Cent? More Like 25 Cents! Bazinga!

50 Cent is apparently playing a role for a movie where he gets cancer and this is what he looks like......
I think he may actually look scarier without the muscle.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Prince of Persia kinda just gave me that one reaction. Meh. It was good but nothing worth getting an NB over. And the dude only had his shirt off in one scene at the start so I can't even be a little gay over his looks. Nothing that made me really cringe but nothing that had me on the edge of my seat. Really just average for me. I say rent it if you have an interest in it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Can I Say? It's My Job.

Just wanted to (possibly) brag to y'all that I get to watch Prince of Persia tonight. It looks like it has the potential to be a sweet movie but it also feels like it could be a steaming pile but either way I shall let you know tomorrow. So here's to hope and to gay cowboys being bad-ass.

Chick Ass Kicks (or How I Stole From Adam Chapter One)

To Start things off, I got Angel of Death on Netflix yesterday. Written by comic scribe Ed "Captain America" Brubaker, Death Angel tells the story of an assassin named Eve (played by the delicious Zoe Bell) who, after shooting a young girl, keeps seeing her ghost and decides to grow a conscience by going after the guys who put out the hits (the whole enough is enough scenario). Death Angel was a small series on the internet that I suppose did well enough to they put it out as one, continuous movie. The acting was pretty crap and the production budget was small and cheesy but the action was pretty cool. I am fairly certain that I am now in love with Ms. Bell. Sadly, I have a thing for the ladies who could beat me up (which is admittedly not a small list) and she definitely meets that criteria. Female assassins are a hard plot to pull off (in my opinion) because they usually can't hold their own against what is usually a spot dominated by men but Bell absolutely makes you think she can kill with the best of 'em. This most likely stems from her career as a stunt woman. You may know her acting gigs as Bloody Holly in Whip It and as herself in the Grindhouse flick Death Proof but she has made a name for herself being the stunt-double for such names as Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill movies and even Lucy Lawless in Xena. And soon she will be playing the role of Dream Girl #2 in the movie "Clifton's Inappropriate Dream".

Overall Death Angel was fun and had some cool fighting but it's not one to run out and get. If it's still online for free, try it there or I would recommend throwing it on netflix if you have the slot for it. But be warned: I will fight people for her love if they try to steal her away from me. She means that much.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm the SyFy Channel of Blogs

So, Adam, you have inspired me. In sorts. I'ma steal your chick flick idea and make it into something I can do: I'ma watch 30 Chicks Who Kick Ass Flicks. Sure it's not gonna be as hard as regular chick flicks or have as much damage on my psyche but I watched Brokeback Mountain and liked it so it may actually be more necessary. Call me whatever names you want, but just know that if you do, you shall not be invited to Chuck E Cheese birthday party. So act wisely.

....... Wha?...

So, LOST is now over and we're given this (sorta) explanation but I'm still a little confused. I don't want to spoil anything just in case somebody missed it and won't watch it for a day or two or whatever but I don't see how that ending meshed with everything else on the series. They seemed to keep trying to show us how everything is connected but now they show us that....what? It doesn't really matter anyway? I don't know. I liked it. I think. Just have questions so if anybody watched it, leave a post or something. If you haven't watched, then don't read anyone's posts. Duh.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Recommendations are Recommended.

So, I've been trying to download the SMod casts from Smith and Mosier, but they get so long that I can usually only fit one cast onto one cd and since they are now at 117 or so, that's a lot of cd's I don't have. I tried Mp3 but my car won't play it, so it's a little pointless. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, with the departure of NBC's HEROES, it looks as thought a bright glimpse is on the horizon. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:
The Cape
The premise sounds a little cheesy when ya say it aloud but I'll be darned if this trailer doesn't make it look like it will be bad-ass.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Don't Care What You Say, Siege Was Totally Sweet.


So, Marvel's Big event Siege finally came to a close and despite what others are saying, this story was awesome. If you've been following Marvel in the slightest over the last 6 or 7 years, you probably know that they've been getting shat on this whole time. Thor Dies. Scarlett Witch goes crazy and kills some Avengers. Cap and Iron Man start a new team with Wolverine and Spider-Man. The Sentry joins the team and is a little crazy. Scarlett Witch is still crazy and rids the world of 90-odd% of the mutant populace. Iron Man tells people to follow the government or else. Captain America leads half the heroes against Iron Man and the Government. Iron Man wins. Captain America "dies". Half the Avengers are on the run from Iron Man and the law. Old, thought-dead sidekick Bucky becomes new Captain America. Thor comes back. The Sentry is still crazy. Shape-shifting aliens try to take over Earth, showing that they have been taking the place of certain people in the universe. Everyone blames Iron Man and he's ousted. Norman Osborn is given the reigns to the Marvel heroes and starts his Dark Avengers. Osborn is crazy and wants to be the master of everything. Osborn helps make Sentry a little less crazy but that's not comforting. Steve Rogers-Cap Comes back from the "dead". Iron Man has to wipe his own brain clean so that Osborn can't steal what's in it. Osborn goes after the Asgardians. Steve Rogers-Cap joins Iron Man and Thor, bringing the three back together for the first time in almost a decade. Sentry goes full blown crazy, destroys Asgard, Kills Ares and Loki and is then killed by Thor. Steve-Cap makes sure Bucky-Cap stays Captain America. Bucky-Cap joins Iron Man and Thor on Avengers team. Wolverine and Spider-Man stay with the New Avengers team. Steve-Cap (Captain Rogers) has been appointed new "SHIELD" director and starts his own ops team, the Secret Avengers.....
Ya caught up now? Good. I loved it. I love that the good-guys finally won. I love that after all this crap falls on them, they still find a way to pick themselves up. I love that things are looking bright. For a very long time, the Marvel Universe was a dark place. great stories but a dark place and I'm excited for the Heroic Age. And I hope you are too. Although, I will not be offended if you are not. For I have no stake in this outside of a "fanboys who has no life" but that's still not too bad.