Friday, May 28, 2010

I Don't Hate My Diabetes THAT Much

Some people will do stupid stuff to control their diabetes. I read this today:

"Eating extra veggies is a good goal, but an 88-year-old Chinese woman took the quest too far, consuming enough raw bok choy to send herself into a life-threatening, thyroid-induced coma, doctors say.

The woman showed up at a New York emergency room last summer, complaining she couldn't walk or swallow. But the real trouble, according to a report in Wednesday's New England Journal of Medicine, was that she'd been chowing down on 2 to 3 pounds of bok choy every day for several months in hopes of controlling her diabetes."

It goes on to say that raw bok choy has an enzyme that causes the thyroid to stop working. She turned out ok after they put a lot of thyroid hormone in her but it's still stupid and crazy and I think I'll stick with just putting a tub in me.

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