Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chick Ass Kicks (or How I Stole From Adam Chapter One)

To Start things off, I got Angel of Death on Netflix yesterday. Written by comic scribe Ed "Captain America" Brubaker, Death Angel tells the story of an assassin named Eve (played by the delicious Zoe Bell) who, after shooting a young girl, keeps seeing her ghost and decides to grow a conscience by going after the guys who put out the hits (the whole enough is enough scenario). Death Angel was a small series on the internet that I suppose did well enough to they put it out as one, continuous movie. The acting was pretty crap and the production budget was small and cheesy but the action was pretty cool. I am fairly certain that I am now in love with Ms. Bell. Sadly, I have a thing for the ladies who could beat me up (which is admittedly not a small list) and she definitely meets that criteria. Female assassins are a hard plot to pull off (in my opinion) because they usually can't hold their own against what is usually a spot dominated by men but Bell absolutely makes you think she can kill with the best of 'em. This most likely stems from her career as a stunt woman. You may know her acting gigs as Bloody Holly in Whip It and as herself in the Grindhouse flick Death Proof but she has made a name for herself being the stunt-double for such names as Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill movies and even Lucy Lawless in Xena. And soon she will be playing the role of Dream Girl #2 in the movie "Clifton's Inappropriate Dream".

Overall Death Angel was fun and had some cool fighting but it's not one to run out and get. If it's still online for free, try it there or I would recommend throwing it on netflix if you have the slot for it. But be warned: I will fight people for her love if they try to steal her away from me. She means that much.


  1. Ted Raimi!! Sweet!! Also, are you gonna watch "Bitch Slap"? 'Cuz that kinda seems along the lines of what you're doing.

  2. Bitch Slap is most definitely on the list. I believe I have it at slot 5 of 6 but it is on there.