Monday, May 24, 2010

....... Wha?...

So, LOST is now over and we're given this (sorta) explanation but I'm still a little confused. I don't want to spoil anything just in case somebody missed it and won't watch it for a day or two or whatever but I don't see how that ending meshed with everything else on the series. They seemed to keep trying to show us how everything is connected but now they show us that....what? It doesn't really matter anyway? I don't know. I liked it. I think. Just have questions so if anybody watched it, leave a post or something. If you haven't watched, then don't read anyone's posts. Duh.


  1. You have watched the show before right? (That's rhetorical, I first watched the show on copies borrowed from you) did you really think they would give us an ending that was fully sewn up? Did you think they wouldn't leave us on a "Wait, what the hell was going on?" note? This is pretty much the type of thing I figured it'd end with. (I had no idea what the ending would be, but figured it would be vague and leave things to our own interpretation.) Still, it was an amazing ending to an amazing show (wow I thought I came up with that sentence by myself, than looked up and saw it's the exact wording of one of your pole choices.)

  2. It's not really that I thought I would get all the answers, but I guess more so that I didn't think they would leave all of them. That ending had nothing to do with the island or the five seasons before it. Them all dying at some point AFTER the island? So what?
    That being said, I'm pretty sure I really liked the ending. Great way to end the characters. Just not sure if I like it as the way to end the story.