Friday, May 28, 2010

Wesley Gibson Will Kick Magneto's Ass

Reports are coming in that Mr. Wanted (aka James McAvoy) has signed on to play one mister Professor Charles Xavier in the First Class movie.... Do I like it? Kinda. I like me some McAvoy but I don't know I feel about him playing Professor X. It seems like a weird choice but this wouldn't be the first time I scoffed at a choice. I suppose we shall see. Sadly, all it has to take is him getting me to get a gay crush on him and I'm aboard. Don't even care about the acting. That's how sick I really am.


  1. Mr Tumnus is Professor X? Could work. No idea who Magneto is though?

  2. I like McAvoy, but I'm having trouble seeing him as Professor X. But, I do have faith in Matthew Vaughn, so...