Thursday, June 3, 2010


I meant to post this yesterday but I can now kill two birds with one stone:

Get Him to the Greek
Wow. This movie was awesome. If you've seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, You know of Aldous Snow. It's pretty much the only time that Russel Brand is funny or even watchable. But now that number is increased by one (there were two of us in the wolf pack). Get Him to the Greek follows Brand's character from Sarah Marshall (Snow) and the music assistant who is tasked with getting him from England to the Greek Theater in LA for the 10th Anniversary performance of his band Infant Sorrow's "legendary" live performance that helped make them famous. It was dirty and crude and raunchy and hilarious. Great movie. If you enjoy those kinda humor movies, you'll love this one and I would highly recommend it.

This movie scared me. Not in the sense of it was a scary horror movie but in the sense of I was left with a scared face asking myself "What the **** just happened?!". Splice is about to geneticists who decide to cross the legal and moral line of human cloning and create and new hybrid they call Dren (sadly, it took them explaining in the movie for me to notice that Dren is Nerd, backwards, which is also the name of the lab company they work for) and that's when things go wrong, Now, the movie was just kinda "meh" for the most part. The two doctors are kinda stupid and they make a lot of ill-thought choices but that's a movie for ya. I found myself feeling sorry for the Dren creature and was actually hoping that she/it killed the doctors. Dren is growing extremely fast; years in the matter of weeks. And this is where the weird stuff starts happening. I won't ruin it here for anyone who may not want to know the ending but it messed with my mind. And things got mucked up. Let me know if you want it ruined.


  1. Good to hear about "The Greek". That one looked pretty funny to me.

  2. Also, a question. Why didn't you list "Blue Velvet" as an option for you Dennis Hopper poll?

  3. Cuz I've never seen it and didn't know he was in it.... It's up there now.