Friday, June 4, 2010

How I Stole from Adam Chapter Two: Girly

I will start by say that I feel a little fooled into this one. The image and description make it sound like a crazy chick is in charge but it's a little more like the Addam's Family. Originally called Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly, it's the story of a "family" who find new friends at the park and then make them play or else the "send them to the angels". That is, until they grab a guy who is all to willing to play....
It sounds like it could be cool but nothing really happens. They guy actually just sleeps with the three ladies, pitting them against each other and when the "brother", Sonny, sees what's going on, he turns them against him too. And (hope I'm not ruining anything) Sonny and Nanny are the only ones to die with the vague ending giving us the clue that Mumsy or Girly will turn on each other (more than likely Girly coming out on top as they tend to depict her as the darker, more obsessed one). No blood, no nudity, the implication that Nanny's head is cut off and boiled but that's about it. I am sad to say that you may feel intrigued to try this one but you should not. There's just really nothing to see in this movie worth anything. But it is British so I suppose the blame is on my shoulders. If you want to, though, it appears to all be up on youtube. It's broken into ten minute sections, but it all appears to be there.

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