Monday, June 21, 2010

I Don't Like Russel Brand

But I love when he plays Aldous Snow. Not only did I love Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but I thoroughly enjoyed him in Get Him to the Greek. Yet I watched him on some MTV crap years or so back and I wanted to punch him. Only thing Russel Brand has going for him is Katy Perry (which I am jealous of for she is extremely hot (and if you say she isn't, then that makes you jealous of her. Cuz she is)). However, as I was perusing through Target last night, I noticed something that made Russel Brand worth listening to: the Get Him to the Greek soundtrack! Russel Brand does all the vocals (except for the Jackie Q songs) and it's by the band from the movies, so it's technically him being Aldous Snow so it's awesome. It's extremely vulgar but awesome. check it out if you get the chance.


  1. Man, I dunno, I'm quite fond of Russell Brand...his autobiography was hilarious. What's not to love about a tome written in perfect British English chronicling heroin fueled antics and sex sessions with prostitutes without rubbers? If anything, he was more exciting Pre-Katy Perry. And "California Gurls" is terrible.

  2. I really enjoy looking at Katy Perry. Her songs suck, however they do tend to get stuck in the head. And I have never read his book, I just don't find his stand-up funny.