Friday, April 29, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Ladies of the Jedi Council
As I watched some Clone Wars with good, 'ol Adam today, I was saddened by how hot I was finding Shaak Ti. But then again, when you have amazing pictures from artist Adam Hughes showcasing them like this picture... Not really as sad as I was... Alright, it's still pretty sad but it's a little more understandable. So my invite to the female Jedi is out there. I only hope email can reach them in a galaxy far, far away.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tarsem Rules

Check out the trailer for his new movie Immortals. Tarsem is the man behind the visual orgasms from The Cell the The Fall. Super excited for this movie. And yes, that buff main guy is the new Superman, Henry Cavill (cuz I know you were wondering).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NB of the Week

Wow. Pretty big week for me (12 books, which is too many to read in one sitting for me. Sadly). Most were good reads today too, which made my choice of just one tough.
First there was Green Arrow #11, as he made his final stand against the Darkness that was killing his forest. Being empowered by the White Light to kill the demon Etrigan and saving everything was pretty badass!
Then came Wonder Woman #610 where we finally get an "explanation" to this new Wonder Woman. One of the Fates wove a new thread of life since it turns out the Morrigan already defeated her. This is that new thread of life, "woven just below the surface of the first". Different but the same.
However, my pick had to fall upon...
Haunt #15
Haunt is the brainchild of Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman (thankfully with Kirkman writing it). Daniel Kilgore was a bad priest who was inhabited by the spirit of his freshly killed, military trained brother. Now when Kurt's spirit goes inside Daniel (ew...), they become Haunt and now work as the government's secret weapon against whatever evil they meet.
Over the last issue or two, we have seen what appears to be a Red Haunt chasing down our real Haunt, gunning for Kurt. This issue gives us the answer to what it is: The Apparition. Kurt's spirit is not suppose to be here still. Haunt is an unnatural being and it must be stopped in order to keep balance. That's what The Apparition is for. Either Kurt can go willingly and help or his spirit can be lost forever if it has to force him (as a punishment, of sorts). After arguing about whether he should or shouldn't just go, The Apparition comes again, this time catching him. Kurt is ripped apart from Daniel and taken, leaving Daniel by himself on the floor.
Being McFarlane, it's not horribly original. From the start, you knew he was just trying to recreate his only two successes (Spawn and Spider-Man). He was smart enough to get Kirkman on board, though. This is probably Kirkman's slowest start to date but it has really been building over the last five or six issues. They used violence and cliches at first but it has started to revolve around actual story now. This book is like a big piece of cake: after every piece, you're already full and don't know why you ate it but every time another is put in front of you, you want that taste again. Haunt is becoming a pretty decent read. It doesn't appear as though it will ever catch Walking Dead or Invincible in it's greatness, but I am becoming more excited to see just how close it may come to them down the line.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Lzzy Hale
About a year ago, Adam grabbed Miss Hale as his COTW. Very smart man, that Adam. In March, Halestorm released a cd of six cover songs:
Slave to the Grind (Skid Row)
Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)
Hunger Strike (Temple of the Dog)
Out Ta Get Me (Guns N' Roses)
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You (Heart)
I Want You(She's So Heavy) (The Beatles)
After hearing this, I too am reminded of how hot Miss Hale is (and sings). Which is why I feel just fine stealing her from Adam. However, I keep trying to get her her invitation but it's hard to pin-point a traveling band...

Boobs of the Day

Vera Farmiga
As I got my new Netflix today, I had mixed reactions to seeing it was Up In The Air. I have heard mixed reviews about this one and am not sure how stoked I am for it any more. Then I remembered Miss Farmiga. I first took notice of her in The Departed and have tried to keep tabs on her since (which is a very stalker thing of me to do). No matter how I feel about the movie, I know I will walk away from it with her in my mind. Check your mail, Miss Farmiga. Your invitation should be arriving soon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Lana Kane
You ever watch FX's Archer? You should. It's loud and crude and annoying and dirty and hilarious. It's everything you could want in a cartoon show from the people who also air Sunny in Philadelphia. And the female lead, Lana Kane (voice of Aisha Tyler) is super hot. Her water beds are always bouncing and when you throw in a lot of violence and big guns, I'm pretty much spent. I welcome to the club another fake woman who can't tell me no.

Can't Wait

Tell me this cd cover image doesn't get you even more excited for this album (cuz I know you are, like, totally stoked already)! June 21!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Not that it matters to anyone else, but today is my Happy Diabetic Day. Fifteen years of having tubes and needles shooting me up. Here's to hopefully another fifteen strong (after that, I'm willing to take whatever comes. 30 years is a long time).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Tell Me this lineup won't be awesome:

"Bryan Cranston, Ben McKenzie, Eliza Dushku and Katee Sackhoff will lend their voices to DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation's "Batman: Year One," an animated adaptation of the Frank Miller comic book, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
McKenzie ("Southland") is starring as Batman. Cranston ("Breaking Bad") will supply the voice of Gordon, while Dushku ("Dollhouse") will play Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and Sackhoff ("Battlestar Galactica") will portray Detective Sarah Essen, Gordon's love interest. Crime boss Carmine Falcone will be voiced by "Simpsons" vet Alex Rocco."

NB of the Week

X-Factor #218
The "new" X-Factor series has been going for five years now and there has only been one story that I didn't love. Problem is, it's a title that is always running at a seven or an eight so it always stays just under the radar.
Current storyline sees Mayor J Jonah Jameson (yes, now mayor) hiring X-Factor to help solve the murder of a friend of his, whom he thinks was set by super-powers of some sort (and Black Cat is joining for some reason too...). As they follow and watch, a group of three ladies attack him. As the last issue ended, one of the ladies, who can shoot weird bullets out of her fingers, shoots Strong Guy. Strong Guy's powers allow him to absorb kinetic energy and transfer it into physical strength and stamina. However, this bullet is able to penetrate (snicker) his chest, leaving him bloody in M's arms.
This issue has M seeing red. As Black Cat goes after one of the other ladies, M goes after the finger-lady. At one point she telekenitcally throws a bullet back, hitting Fingers square in the forehead. However, that wound somehow heals over and she takes aim again. At this point, Banshee (formerly Siryn and the dead Banshee's daughter) blasts her away, while Cat chases of the other one as well. To add to the misery, Strong Guy's old-school heart problem kicks in and M flies him off to a hospital. As the rest of the team gets wind of this, they all run to his side and hope he makes it. As M is freaking out and blaming herself, the doctor comes out to give them the unfortunate, sad news. Until her pager goes off. As they all go into SG's room, they find him alive and well. His heart and wound somehow healing themselves, leaving everyone confused. Except Layla Miller (who knows stuff...). Our last shot is of her peering through the door crack, giving an ominous stare to SG. Cover for the next issue has M in full blown, nucking futs mood, fighting the two ladies and I cannot wait for that.
Peter David is absolutely one of the most underrated writers in comics today. He can be off his game when it feels like he's writing just for a check, but when he gets a title he's given reign of? Wow. When they started this book, it was right after the House of M stuff and it felt like a gimmick just so they could use these old, forgotten characters. What it's turned into is one of the only two x-books worth getting (the other being the newly revised Uncanny X-Force) and arguably the best of all x-books. It's sad how few people around here don't even know this book still goes. Do yourself a favor and pick some of this one up. This is top notch writing as it should be.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Hayden Panettiere
As I walked through Scream 4 (which looks laughably bad), I was lucky enough to see a scene with Ms Panettiere in it and she is still mighty fine. She fulfilled a lot of fantasies in Heroes in that cheerleader outfit but she fulfilled a larger one of mine when she cut off all her hair. I loves me the short hair. Throw in a great body with amazing bubbles in the front, and you get a card to join the club.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Turns Out I'm Wrong

Marvel revealed this today about Ultimate Spider-Man. Kinda goes against what I just said I thought would happen. Wouldn't be the first time I was wrong.

"Marvel has announced that after the shocking events of Death of Spider-Man, the sold out storyline currently running through Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Avengers Vs Ultimates, there will be a new Spider-Man and a new character under the mask. Something’s happened to Peter Parker and here comes an all-new an all-new costume!"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Jennifer Garner
I saw the movie Arthur this morning and while it was decent at best (some funny moments but nothing that I could say to run out and see), Miss Garner was exceptionally hot. In one, drunken scene, I was reminded why she was so hot to begin with. Sexy lingerie and a smoking body. It's one of the few things that I can say Ben Affleck did right in his life.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bryant Fined

Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 yesterday for a gay slur he yelled at a referee...
What they hell?! I actually saw this happen while it was being aired in TNT the other night. Kobe was hit with a technical foul and then hit his chair and threw his towel down. It looked like he tried to yell for the ref after that but didn't get a response so he yelled (and mind you the TNT camera was zoomed in right on him and you could absolutely see what he was saying) "F**king F*ggott". Now, I'm not saying there shouldn't be any kind of punishment for this. There should be. Even though they shouldn't, a lot of kids love Kobe and look up to him. That language is offensive and absolutely should not be something that kids should watch he do. However, I have been a basketball fan for some time and I find it a bit ridiculous that they went above and beyond a fine for that word. I have seen and heard much cursing in games to no reprimanding at all. If you want to clean your league up, do so accordingly. Doing this is just to get GLADD and other groups off your back. It's ridiculous.
Then again, this is the same league that fined on owner $100K for saying they wanted Lebron James on their team so maybe it does make sense.

Clif-Notes: Source Code

Source Code is about a man, Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal), who wakes up in the body of another man. Turns out her is part of the Source Code. A program that can let somebody live the last eight minutes of another person's life. A bomb has gone off on a Chicago train as a warning of worse things to come. It is up to Stevens to find the bomb and the bomber and stop the coming attacks. Every time he goes back, he must try to find more pieces to the puzzle in order to do this.

Full disclosure, there are spoilers ahead so stop reading if you don't want to ruin the movie.

This was actually a pretty decent movie. Good acting, an ok script (I'll discuss this later...) and an overall well made movie. The full idea is that the brain can still function after death for a while and it also is able to carry with it the last eight minutes of what happened. Gyllenhall is a perfect match for the dead guy and he is to find all the clues. No matter what he does though, he cannot change the past (even though the scientist who made the Source Code tells him it's not time travel as much as parallel reality jumping). But here's the kicker that makes me scratch my head at some of the plot.
Turns out Gyllenhall is dead all along. They are keeping what's left of his brain alive in order to do this. That mixed with the fact that no matter how many times he fails, he just keeps coming back and being put back in kinda make in pointless. He doesn't even have a "villain" against him except time. And then he stops the bomb (because there was a chance that the movie ended with all of Chicago blowing up...). But then his mind convinces Vera Farmiga to put him in one last time to try and save everyone on the train. She obliges. As he save the train, and the people on board we are left with a freeze frame of everyone laughing and him kissing Michelle Monaghan and Farmiga being arresting for then killing his brain. But then time starts back up for him on the train. He has apparently created another reality where the train didn't explode so he is free to live again. In the body of another dude. Who never actually died so he just kinda took over his body...? Believe it or not, I did like this movie. Maybe I shouldn't be thinking this much into it but that ending didn't sit well with me.
I would recommend seeing this one but it can wait until dvd. Or until I'm nice enough to let you in to see it for free.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NB of the Week

This was a good week. Some good writing all across the board but it came down to two(ish) for me. Over in Uncanny X-Force, we get the ending to Deathlok Nation and it was awesome. Cool Violence, witty banter and a great last page that gets me super pumped for what's to come bu my choice has to go to...
Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimate #3/Ultimate Spider-Man #157
Both these books are part of the Death of Spider-Man story and until this week, it's been a little vague how the Ultimates are really tying in. Pete is being trained by them to be a better hero but that's it so far. As we jump into this issue, the Ultimate Avengers and their black-ops counterparts, the New Ultimates, are gunning for each other. Carols Danvers of the Avengers have proof saying Nick Fury is selling Super-Soldier secrets to foreign nations while Fury and the New Ultimates say they have proof Danvers is setting him up for the fall. As their battle really gets underway (with awesome art by Leinil Yu and plenty of violence) Cap is beating the hell outta Fury and if Cap gets Fury, they know they will kill him for what they believe him to have done. Punisher is told to do whatever is necessary to save him. As he looks through his cross-hairs we...
Move to Ultimate Spider-Man. Training withe the Avengers has been a pretty big deal for Pete. Huge icons trying to help him plus he still gets to help people in trouble. Which usually means him. As the last issue ended, Pete was rushing to join the fight with the New Ultimates when he gets wind that Norman Osborn is still alive and has broken himself and others out of their super-jail. He decided to run to his family and warn them. Norman knows who he is and will kill his entire family if he can. As he does this, Osborn and the rest begin bickering. Doc Ock doesn't want to kill anymore. He has changed. He's grateful for the new chance at life but won't work with Osborn anymore. Which Osborn obviously doesn't like. As the two duke it out, we see that Osborn still plays for keeps and HE KILLS DOC OCK! After Pete is able to convince May and Gwen to run and hide, he comes across the the wreckage and finds Otto's dead body in the middle of the street. Wanting to go after Osborn, he decides the Avengers need his help right now. As he swings in to join, he sees Punisher taking aim at Cap and as a true hero does, he tackles Cap out of the way and takes the bullet through his midsection. The same ending as we just had in UA vs. NU.
This story has been pretty awesome so far. However, I have a feeling that we will only see the death of "Spider-Man if anyone, which would leave Peter Parker able to take a new mantle and fully join the Avengers. While this would be a bit of a cop out, that could play out in some great ways. Either way this was a great ending. All along, Cap has been telling Spidey that he was the one who didn't want him to be a hero. Too young, too reckless, too immature to do this. So of course it's Cap's life that he has to save at the end of the day. There's still three months left for both these books to wrap up the "Death Of" story, I do believe, so it's any one's game still but I'm on board for it and excited to see what kind of changes this may (or may not) bring.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Jillian Michaels
I know this one may sound weird but I find her to be pretty hot. Love how in shape she is, love that flat stomach and I love that she could easily kick my ass (which is something that is strangely hot to me). She apparently has come out as saying that she's open to falling in love with either a man or a woman and that's fine with me. I don't mind. I'm still inviting her in. The toughest member of the BotD Club.


On a better note, they cast General Zod for Snyder's Superman. This creepy looking dude is Michael Shannon. I only know him as the white-trash skin-head from Bad Boys II but he was apparently nominated for an Oscar for Revolutionary Road. Not sure how I feel so I will just say that In Snyder I Trust.

Boo to Disney

Tron Legacy came out on Tuesday and I was a little excited. I thought it was a great movie and I wouldn't mind owning it someday. I asked my friend Aaron if they had one of those Disney Coupons and if he could get me one. He got me a ten bucks off one for Beauty & the Beast and I got the 3-disc blu ray for something like 17 bucks so if Tron would be from 15-20, I would be on that. Turns out they only gave five bucks off but that's ok. And it had to be on the 4-disc or the 5-disc blu ray. Alight. I'll try to still play along. So I go to Wal Mart tonight and I left disappointed and mad. Not only did they not have the 4-disc but the 5-disc was $45! Ain't no was in Hell I'm doing that! Plus, the coupon expires today/yesterday so it's no longer gonna help AND Disney is a greedy bastard corporation so the price won't ever drop within it's first decade. So I live without Tron Legacy. All because Disney is unwilling to take my twenty bucks. And because it's blu ray. And because it had the original Tron with it. And because it needed the 3D blu ray along with those. And because it threw in the dvd and digital copy just to make sure you had enough ways to watch it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Brain Tunes

What can I say about The Darkness?...

Clif-Notes: Hanna

Hanna tells the story of a young girl (Saoirse Ronan) who, after a life of training to be the perfect killer by her father (Eric Bana), is set out to track and kill the woman (Cate Blanchett) who killed her mother.
Trailers for this movie made it look like it could be a great action flick with some little girl kicking names and taking ass. What it actually is, is a story of a little girl who finds out she is completely lost and shut out from what the real world is. As Hanna is on the run, a lot of her story is just her being confused and trying to figure out how to survive. She is scared by tv and tea makers and she is completely taken by the use of electricity. At one point, she meets a young girl who befriends her and she is taken out by a man. When she asks if they are to kiss, she spouts out how many muscles are used when actually kissing and then hits him, rolling him onto the ground, ready to keep going if necessary. This is the normal life for her. She knows facts about everything but doesn't know how they are incorporated into life. Between these kinda scenes, we do get her fighting and we get Eric Bana fighting and it's actually really good but the story of her figuring out the world she didn't know takes over all other stories and was quite surprising. I was actually finding myself wanting more fighting, but then wanting more of her when the fighting started. It was a little weird.
Overall, this movie was good. Not amazing but really good. I may have to see it a second time, knowing what they story is actually bringing in order to fully get a good feel of it but I know I walked out of the theater having enjoyed what I saw. So I hope that helps with any doubt you may have had about this movie.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Boobs Magee
aKa Christina Hendricks
News has come that Netflix made a deal to stream Mad Men (for a reported $1 million an episode!) and I'm excited. I've heard good things about this show but have never watched it. In it is one Miss Christina Hendricks (known as Boobs Magee before I actually learned her name) and she absolutely deserves to be in the club. Gorgeous and full of curves, it's a shame it's taken me this long to invite her in.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NB of the Week

This week was a odd one. No single issue blew me away. This was a week of great moments. But I shall try my best.

Brightest Day #23
Answers begin to roll in as we begin to reach the end of BD. With darkness falling and everyone running away, we are given the bigger picture. As everyone scrambles to help people as the Dark Avatar comes, we are left with Deadman in Green Arrow's forest with Firestorm, both arguing about the White Lantern and what to do. Outta the blue, the Lantern tells them things need to be pushed into place more and Dove is transported to them, Hawk in tow. As the bickering continues, the Lantern breaks in.
"He Comes."
"What? Who does?"
"The Dark Avatar."
And we are given our baddie in what appears to be a Black Lantern Swamp Thing. "The green has become the black". With that, the Lantern tells Firestorm it is time and that he needs guidance like the other Elementals, adding him to the mix of Manhunter, the Hawks and Aquaman. As these protectors fight the Dark Avatar. the White Lantern explains that even though the defender is lost, the White Tree holds salvation. Throughout Arrow, there has been the one tree with the White Lantern Symbol on it and it has appeared to be the epicenter of whatever has been going on there. Now we find out what it is. As the tree begins to glow, the ground in front of it begins to dig itself out and we are given "the body of the one." Out comes Alec Holland; Swamp Thing.
I'm almost mad I didn't see this one coming. Swamp Thing is an Elemental who could control all plant life and it fits into the story perfectly. He was even in control of all elements for a while before his death, if I recall right (my Swamp knowledge is a bit rusty...). It makes sense that he would be the one to protect life on this planet. With only one issue left, I'm a bit excited for the ending to see what happens. We know Johns is writing a new ongoing Aquaman series after this so it's safe to say that at least he lives through but how and why are the important part.

Notable Moments of the Week
Annihilators #2
We get a moment where a bunch of critters with guns are fighting evil clowns from Halfworld which sets up the amazing shot of a tiny squirrel shooting a gun way too big for him, yelling "You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts!" which may be the best moment of the week.
Avengers: the Children's Crusade #5
After over five years without Scarlet Witch, the Young Avengers have set out for her (two of them are her sorta living twins she had with Vision years and years ago...). After a battle with Doctor Doom and some time traveling, the last page gives us our Witch back. Sexy, pink outfit and all.
Ultimate Captain America #4
Jason Aaron has certainly solidified that Ult Cap is different from regular Cap. After being kidnapped by crazy-ass Nuke and beaten almost to death, Cap kills a cobra with his mouth, sucks the venom out, spits it in Nukes face, beats the shit outta him (even knocking out one of his eyes) and slams a sledgehammer right into the Nuke family jewels. Cuz Cap's a badass like that.
Herc #1
Fully mortal now, Hercules roams the street looking to find his path as a "real hero". And dude does it. Slashing off the arms of thugs with the Sword of Peleus. Turning them into stone with the Shield of Perseus and kicking ass with the Arrows of Heracles. God or not, Hercules is definitely still an Olympian.
Fear Itself #1
In the biggest "Why Didn't I See That Coming" moment this week, we find out the identity of the mysterious Lady-Holding-Hammer that Marvel has shown us. After finding out her father brought it to Earth years ago, Sin (daughter of and current new Red Skull) is able to pick it up, becoming the avatar of Skadi and freeing The Serpent. Pretty cool. Let's hope it's worth the $3.99 price tag for seven issues...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clif-Notes: Insidious

Let me start by saying that this movie made me poop, pee and cry. Not in that order though. And all because of fear.
Insidious tells the story of a family who have just moved into a new house. As that cliche goes, weird things begin to happen, including one of their sons falling into a "coma" with no medically-sound explanation. After moving away again, they find things have not changed in this house because it is their son who is haunted, not the house.
Now, I admit that I can be a little girl when it comes to certain things. I also can admit that watching this movie by myself, with four elderly people in the front of the theater as the only company probably added to it. However, this was one of the scariest movies I have seen in a very long time. It's as if they knew all my fears. Except for spiders. Thank the lord there weren't any spiders. But they got me. The main thing I find scary in movies is the simplest thing. A shadowy figure walking across a hallway. A face appearing behind somebody. That primal feeling that somebody is following you. That's what this movie had. The first scene that got me was when they were in the new house and a knocking at the door happened late one night. Patrick Wilson went downstairs to see who was there and found nobody there. Mother Rose Byrne Goes to the baby's room to grab their now crying daughter. As she rounds the corner, there is a pale face man in all black cloths standing on the other side of the crib just staring. Staring! And I crapped myself! I hate that shit! And that was the whole movie for me. Faces appearing. Bodies walking. "Children" giggling as they listen to Tiny Tim's TipToe Through The Tulips (which for the record, did nothing to make me feel any more brave about things).
The overall theme is that a demon is trying to take over the kid's body but it can take them a while to move over from their world into ours. This hoofed demon with a fiery red face and nothingness black eyes got me too. Appearing outta nowhere and what-have-you. Towards the end, things took a weird, Dr Strange kinda mysticism turn but it was handled amazingly as Wilson just moved through pitch-black while holding a lantern, every now-and-then a body showing up in the distance. Maybe two shots at the end of special effects, everything else was real people in costume and makeup.
Not sure how many times I could ever watch this movie again and even though I peed myself a few times, I loved this movie. It did it's job for me. I know not everyone will feel the same and I know I will be made fun of for it but this movie was pretty horrifying for me. Go see it. If you dare.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Elizabeth Banks
As I watch more 30 Rock, Miss Banks has appeared as a love interest for Mr Baldwin. Which I am fine with. I had seen her around for a little but it was really until Zack and Miri Make A Porno that I really fell for her beauty. Probably because she was going to be in a Star Wars themed porn. Irregardless, she is mighty fine and definitely worthy of the club.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Boobs of the Day

Genevieve Cortese
Even though tonight's episode of Supernatural was a rerun, it was a great episode and I still watched it. And I also came to see how smokin' hot Mr. Padalecki's wife actually is. I wasn't the greatest fan of her as Ruby when she was on the show, but in this episode (The French Mistake) she played herself and was a lot hotter this time around. So I found the sexiest picture I could. I present Mrs. Padalecki and her puppies

Trailer Watch - The Hangover II

Full length trailer for Hangover 2 is out. Looks exactly like the first one but I can't say I really care. It looks awesome and I'll be there.

Brain Tunes

I saw this new video for Katy Perry's ET last night. Song is catchy. I love me some Katy Perry but I don't know how to feel about this video. Kanye can choke on a banana. She's strangely hot in alien look. Still now sure how I feel.