Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bryant Fined

Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 yesterday for a gay slur he yelled at a referee...
What they hell?! I actually saw this happen while it was being aired in TNT the other night. Kobe was hit with a technical foul and then hit his chair and threw his towel down. It looked like he tried to yell for the ref after that but didn't get a response so he yelled (and mind you the TNT camera was zoomed in right on him and you could absolutely see what he was saying) "F**king F*ggott". Now, I'm not saying there shouldn't be any kind of punishment for this. There should be. Even though they shouldn't, a lot of kids love Kobe and look up to him. That language is offensive and absolutely should not be something that kids should watch he do. However, I have been a basketball fan for some time and I find it a bit ridiculous that they went above and beyond a fine for that word. I have seen and heard much cursing in games to no reprimanding at all. If you want to clean your league up, do so accordingly. Doing this is just to get GLADD and other groups off your back. It's ridiculous.
Then again, this is the same league that fined on owner $100K for saying they wanted Lebron James on their team so maybe it does make sense.

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