Monday, April 11, 2011

Boo to Disney

Tron Legacy came out on Tuesday and I was a little excited. I thought it was a great movie and I wouldn't mind owning it someday. I asked my friend Aaron if they had one of those Disney Coupons and if he could get me one. He got me a ten bucks off one for Beauty & the Beast and I got the 3-disc blu ray for something like 17 bucks so if Tron would be from 15-20, I would be on that. Turns out they only gave five bucks off but that's ok. And it had to be on the 4-disc or the 5-disc blu ray. Alight. I'll try to still play along. So I go to Wal Mart tonight and I left disappointed and mad. Not only did they not have the 4-disc but the 5-disc was $45! Ain't no was in Hell I'm doing that! Plus, the coupon expires today/yesterday so it's no longer gonna help AND Disney is a greedy bastard corporation so the price won't ever drop within it's first decade. So I live without Tron Legacy. All because Disney is unwilling to take my twenty bucks. And because it's blu ray. And because it had the original Tron with it. And because it needed the 3D blu ray along with those. And because it threw in the dvd and digital copy just to make sure you had enough ways to watch it.

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