Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NB of the Week

Wow. Pretty big week for me (12 books, which is too many to read in one sitting for me. Sadly). Most were good reads today too, which made my choice of just one tough.
First there was Green Arrow #11, as he made his final stand against the Darkness that was killing his forest. Being empowered by the White Light to kill the demon Etrigan and saving everything was pretty badass!
Then came Wonder Woman #610 where we finally get an "explanation" to this new Wonder Woman. One of the Fates wove a new thread of life since it turns out the Morrigan already defeated her. This is that new thread of life, "woven just below the surface of the first". Different but the same.
However, my pick had to fall upon...
Haunt #15
Haunt is the brainchild of Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman (thankfully with Kirkman writing it). Daniel Kilgore was a bad priest who was inhabited by the spirit of his freshly killed, military trained brother. Now when Kurt's spirit goes inside Daniel (ew...), they become Haunt and now work as the government's secret weapon against whatever evil they meet.
Over the last issue or two, we have seen what appears to be a Red Haunt chasing down our real Haunt, gunning for Kurt. This issue gives us the answer to what it is: The Apparition. Kurt's spirit is not suppose to be here still. Haunt is an unnatural being and it must be stopped in order to keep balance. That's what The Apparition is for. Either Kurt can go willingly and help or his spirit can be lost forever if it has to force him (as a punishment, of sorts). After arguing about whether he should or shouldn't just go, The Apparition comes again, this time catching him. Kurt is ripped apart from Daniel and taken, leaving Daniel by himself on the floor.
Being McFarlane, it's not horribly original. From the start, you knew he was just trying to recreate his only two successes (Spawn and Spider-Man). He was smart enough to get Kirkman on board, though. This is probably Kirkman's slowest start to date but it has really been building over the last five or six issues. They used violence and cliches at first but it has started to revolve around actual story now. This book is like a big piece of cake: after every piece, you're already full and don't know why you ate it but every time another is put in front of you, you want that taste again. Haunt is becoming a pretty decent read. It doesn't appear as though it will ever catch Walking Dead or Invincible in it's greatness, but I am becoming more excited to see just how close it may come to them down the line.

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