Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clif-Notes: Insidious

Let me start by saying that this movie made me poop, pee and cry. Not in that order though. And all because of fear.
Insidious tells the story of a family who have just moved into a new house. As that cliche goes, weird things begin to happen, including one of their sons falling into a "coma" with no medically-sound explanation. After moving away again, they find things have not changed in this house because it is their son who is haunted, not the house.
Now, I admit that I can be a little girl when it comes to certain things. I also can admit that watching this movie by myself, with four elderly people in the front of the theater as the only company probably added to it. However, this was one of the scariest movies I have seen in a very long time. It's as if they knew all my fears. Except for spiders. Thank the lord there weren't any spiders. But they got me. The main thing I find scary in movies is the simplest thing. A shadowy figure walking across a hallway. A face appearing behind somebody. That primal feeling that somebody is following you. That's what this movie had. The first scene that got me was when they were in the new house and a knocking at the door happened late one night. Patrick Wilson went downstairs to see who was there and found nobody there. Mother Rose Byrne Goes to the baby's room to grab their now crying daughter. As she rounds the corner, there is a pale face man in all black cloths standing on the other side of the crib just staring. Staring! And I crapped myself! I hate that shit! And that was the whole movie for me. Faces appearing. Bodies walking. "Children" giggling as they listen to Tiny Tim's TipToe Through The Tulips (which for the record, did nothing to make me feel any more brave about things).
The overall theme is that a demon is trying to take over the kid's body but it can take them a while to move over from their world into ours. This hoofed demon with a fiery red face and nothingness black eyes got me too. Appearing outta nowhere and what-have-you. Towards the end, things took a weird, Dr Strange kinda mysticism turn but it was handled amazingly as Wilson just moved through pitch-black while holding a lantern, every now-and-then a body showing up in the distance. Maybe two shots at the end of special effects, everything else was real people in costume and makeup.
Not sure how many times I could ever watch this movie again and even though I peed myself a few times, I loved this movie. It did it's job for me. I know not everyone will feel the same and I know I will be made fun of for it but this movie was pretty horrifying for me. Go see it. If you dare.

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  1. I totally dare. And the fact that it made you do all sorts of embarassing things makes me happy ;) Though a hooved demon sounds kinda lame...