Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NB of the Week

This week was a odd one. No single issue blew me away. This was a week of great moments. But I shall try my best.

Brightest Day #23
Answers begin to roll in as we begin to reach the end of BD. With darkness falling and everyone running away, we are given the bigger picture. As everyone scrambles to help people as the Dark Avatar comes, we are left with Deadman in Green Arrow's forest with Firestorm, both arguing about the White Lantern and what to do. Outta the blue, the Lantern tells them things need to be pushed into place more and Dove is transported to them, Hawk in tow. As the bickering continues, the Lantern breaks in.
"He Comes."
"What? Who does?"
"The Dark Avatar."
And we are given our baddie in what appears to be a Black Lantern Swamp Thing. "The green has become the black". With that, the Lantern tells Firestorm it is time and that he needs guidance like the other Elementals, adding him to the mix of Manhunter, the Hawks and Aquaman. As these protectors fight the Dark Avatar. the White Lantern explains that even though the defender is lost, the White Tree holds salvation. Throughout Arrow, there has been the one tree with the White Lantern Symbol on it and it has appeared to be the epicenter of whatever has been going on there. Now we find out what it is. As the tree begins to glow, the ground in front of it begins to dig itself out and we are given "the body of the one." Out comes Alec Holland; Swamp Thing.
I'm almost mad I didn't see this one coming. Swamp Thing is an Elemental who could control all plant life and it fits into the story perfectly. He was even in control of all elements for a while before his death, if I recall right (my Swamp knowledge is a bit rusty...). It makes sense that he would be the one to protect life on this planet. With only one issue left, I'm a bit excited for the ending to see what happens. We know Johns is writing a new ongoing Aquaman series after this so it's safe to say that at least he lives through but how and why are the important part.

Notable Moments of the Week
Annihilators #2
We get a moment where a bunch of critters with guns are fighting evil clowns from Halfworld which sets up the amazing shot of a tiny squirrel shooting a gun way too big for him, yelling "You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts!" which may be the best moment of the week.
Avengers: the Children's Crusade #5
After over five years without Scarlet Witch, the Young Avengers have set out for her (two of them are her sorta living twins she had with Vision years and years ago...). After a battle with Doctor Doom and some time traveling, the last page gives us our Witch back. Sexy, pink outfit and all.
Ultimate Captain America #4
Jason Aaron has certainly solidified that Ult Cap is different from regular Cap. After being kidnapped by crazy-ass Nuke and beaten almost to death, Cap kills a cobra with his mouth, sucks the venom out, spits it in Nukes face, beats the shit outta him (even knocking out one of his eyes) and slams a sledgehammer right into the Nuke family jewels. Cuz Cap's a badass like that.
Herc #1
Fully mortal now, Hercules roams the street looking to find his path as a "real hero". And dude does it. Slashing off the arms of thugs with the Sword of Peleus. Turning them into stone with the Shield of Perseus and kicking ass with the Arrows of Heracles. God or not, Hercules is definitely still an Olympian.
Fear Itself #1
In the biggest "Why Didn't I See That Coming" moment this week, we find out the identity of the mysterious Lady-Holding-Hammer that Marvel has shown us. After finding out her father brought it to Earth years ago, Sin (daughter of and current new Red Skull) is able to pick it up, becoming the avatar of Skadi and freeing The Serpent. Pretty cool. Let's hope it's worth the $3.99 price tag for seven issues...

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