Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boobs of the Day

I plugged in the nice, old, 32-bit cartridge Sega Genesis while at Aaron's tonight and the memories started flooding in. In particular, Phelios, wherein you are Apollo trying to rescue your lover Artemis who has been taken captive by Typhon (we didn't really care or know how off the mythology was back then). The game was really more my brother's to play but I remember watching. In that, I was mostly trying to watch for Artemis. You see, whenever you beat the big boss of each level, she appeared, revealing another message for you. Each time, more of the rock wall that blocked her was removed and each time I watched, I would hope that more skin would suddenly appear, even though I knew it never would. So for old-time's sake, I give out BotD to a lady who rocked me at such a young age.

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