Monday, March 14, 2011

Boobs of the Day

As I sit and re-watch Chuck season one, two things pop into my mind. First: this show was much better at the start then it has been lately. Not that it's now bad, but it's different and I liked it better to start. Second: Yvonne Strahovski is definitely hot. And thanks to the Halloween episode, I was given another fantasy to dream and my BotD.


  1. Oh, Sarah Walker, you are so very,very hot!!

    On a not-so-related note: I kinda feel like the more competent Chuck becomes, the less interesting he is.

  2. That is exactly my point. I loved when he was dorky and messed everything up. Now he's one of the spies and it's not the same feel. Still love the show though. And I miss Harry Tang...