Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NB of the Week

Brightest Day #22
For some reason, Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi are the only people who can make me like Firestorm. Up to this point, I haven't cared much for him/them. There are too many people who are bonded to each other for me to follow or care. However, this issue makes him pretty bad-ass. And it's really not even him. It was completely done by the White Lantern. As with Martian Manhunter, NB of the week comes from when Firestorm is given his life back by the Lantern. After Professor Stein (used to be bonded to Ronnie as Firestorm) is killed by Deathstorm (the Black Lantern version of Firestorm), Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond (the two currently bonded to the Firestorm matrix) put aside their differences to "Kick their asses". Which is apparently what the White Lantern has wanted. It gives back Ronnie's life fully and destroys the Black Lanterns that were attacking.
Something about these splash pages of characters getting their lives back is awesome. This book was probably second best this week but no single moment beat out this shot and with only four issues left, I expect to have a few more moments like this by series' end.

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