Wednesday, August 27, 2014

NB of the Week


Amazing Moments Edition
Today had some great issues along with some not so great issues (I'm still looking at you All-New Ultimates...) but more so than any issue, two moments stood out as the best of the week. First the funny...
If you've read any Saga, you know that each issue tends to start with a full first page that sets the tone. From giving birth (twice, one definitely being more graphic) to a beautiful day, the first page is always a great welcome back to the story. In Saga #22, we get one that's almost too childish to believe....

Now, it may just be the storytelling of a ghost to amuse a little child, but still. She farted a universe. That's awesome. Even if it makes me very juvenile.
The second moment is much more badass.
From Original Sin - Thor & Loki #4, Thor has been captured by the Angels of Heven and betrayed by his brother (now a female again so sister?). As he's chained and beaten, we see that Loki was actually betraying the Angels and Thor seems to be aware of it. As the Queen of Angels talks down to the Odinson, she gets news that clouds have started forming in their land where there are no clouds. He lets her in on a little news:
"Are they any in your Heven who have seen a storm? You know wealth, Queen of Angels. You know power. But I fear you know little of thunder. And now... You have made the master of storms your prisoner. And I have called my great servant to me. While you played games. And though it took time for it to cross the span of realms and meet you... The Storm Is Here."

The God of Thunder has joined his heavy friend once more and he is ready to finally talk to them about his sister. Thor doesn't get more badass than this. One more issue to go to see just how mad he's going to get over Angela.

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