Monday, November 10, 2014

Boobs of the Day

Eva Habermann
I came across a cheap, dvd series a little big ago called Lexx about a small ragtag group (original, I know) who come into possession of a giant spaceship called, you guessed it, Lexx. The show is pretty cheesy (it started in '97) and the special effects are bad but the story is actually cool. Within this group is the sex slave Zev, who along with her short skirt and top, wears some nice rubber bondage. And isn't so hard on the eyes either. In the second movie (the first season is made of four, full-length movies), we get an odd shower scene involving her and a shower that appears to be testicles and a penis. Weirdness aside, we get some decent skin shots I wasn't expecting and the pervert I am said "Yup, those are going on the blog". So here she is. The pretty lady behind that weird balls and penis and boobies scene. Miss Eva Habermann.
(no idea when this picture was taken but darnit all if she's still not hot)