Thursday, November 13, 2014

NB of the Week


Wytches #2
Written by Scott Snyder
Drawn by Jock

Sail Rooks is seeing things. Weird things. Dead things. Years ago, Sail was just a school girl who was bullied an awful lot. After being taken out into the woods by one bully, she was told to some some pretty despicable things or else the bully was going to beat her to death. She made a stand and tried to fight back but it wasn't her that stopped the bully. It was the forest. A tree grabbed the bully and began to bend and twist the teen into it's truck. And the bully was gone. Nobody believed Sail and her and her parents moved. These years later, the dead bully is coming back for Sail. Or so she thinks. Her parents know something they're not telling her. The woods have secrets she's trying to find out. The wytches aren't finished with young Sail. She has been pledged.
Scott Snyder thinks he has everybody fooled with his Batman. That it's just so perfect and Batman-y that we all think he was born to write it. Wrong. Scott Snyder was born to write horror books that twist and turn with every page and leave us with nightmares every night. And Jock was born to draw the mangled images that will join. His lines and edges are a perfect match for the dank and horrifying words that Snyder provides. As with horror movies, I'm very picky when it comes to what should be scary. This comic right here? Unsettling. Genuinely creepy. The story so far is very "lost" in the best possible way a horror story can be: we have no clue what's actually happening but we know it's dark and evil and you can feel that nothing is safe from it.


If you've had any doubt about Miles Morales, check out his fight with Norman Osborn in this week's Miles Morales #7. Kid has earned his spot in the Spider Hall of Fame.

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