Thursday, January 29, 2015

NB of the Week


Thor #4 - Thor vs. Thor
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Russell Dauterman

Thor is pissed at Thor. More over, Male Thor is pissed at Female Thor because Female Thor has his hammer which she does not deserve. However, being tricked, losing your arm AND losing your hammer has a way of dampening your common sense. The two tussle in the middle of battling frost giants in amazing fashion that only two Thors could do. After a little, Mjolnir does a little flying trick that MThor has never seen. As he stands bewildered, Mighty Mjolnir flies back to him, right as he feels it should. Only it's not to him. It's to FThor behind him. Finally giving in, MThor concedes, saying that FThor is right and that his hammer has chosen her over him. As he begins to let it go, he does ask her a question. With his mother missing, is it her who wields his weapon?

Well, I certainly hope that was no.
With that aside, the two put said common sense back into the fight and turn against the giants and Malekith in what may be one of my favorite splash-pages in a very long time:

All ends as expected, though, as Malekith destroys MThor's arm that he's been wearing, they turn tail and the Thors go back to free all that the giants froze, including MThor's missing mother. They all seem to find FThor familiar but nobody (including us) knows her identity yet (Jane Foster?) and we are left with Thor giving her his blessing and her heading off to be the one, true Thor.
Jason Aaron has done some pretty amazing things with Thor so far and this new version is just as exciting. The story may not be as explosive as Godbomb but what blasts of action we may not get as much of now, we get more character and secrecy and I'm all on for a change of pace like that when it comes to a new character. And Dauterman's art is phenomenal. This dude did next to no issues of Nightwing and then moved over to Cyclops and now with Thor, he's showing why he belongs with the big boys. It's sleek and clean like Coipel but with a little more cartoon/mango mixed in. He just may be the perfect choice for a female Thor book. If this keeps up, I'd highly recommend adding this to the God of Thunder trades that you should already  own.

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