Thursday, April 9, 2015

NB of the Week

-Weakness Compels Strength. Betrayal Begets Blood. This is the Law of the Nine Spoils-

This week may have brought what turned out to be the most diverse, well written week in a very long time. A little bit of everything was this week and all of it was a lot bit awesome.
Birthright #6
Michael and his big brother Brennan camp through the wild as their father must deal with the repercussions of letting them go. While this issue is mostly story set-up and movement, we do get to see the first, "real" shot of the God-King Lore and what I imagine Hell could look like:

And we also get a big set up at the end. More of the magic-or-something-whatever people that Mikey if hunting decide that if Lore set Mikey from Terrenos, they'd bring Terrenos to him. No idea who they are or what that blue magic stuff means, but it's blue so it has to be the good to Lore's evil red colors.

Miles Morales: the Ultimate Spider-Man #12
Miles has been taken captive by Hydra and Dr Doom but that will never be a match for his fight. Generating a new power (no idea what it exactly is but it was a powerful energy blast of sorts), Miles breaks free and takes the fight to them. By the time his friends find him, he has already single-handedly beaten them all. But before they can all get back ti life, they look up and see another Earth looming above them. Secret Wars is coming.

Saga #27
Marko is in a bad way. After doing some bad Fadaway with Miss Yuma, Marko is having major flashes to the past, in particular to points of violence and his beating of a young girl as a child who was burning his dog. All the memories lead him the realization of why Alana has done what she's done. Now he wants his family back and he's going to kill the man who has pulled them away. Once again, Saga is brilliant and I really cannot tell you how much you should be reading this.

Convergence: The Question #1 (of 2)
Convergence is kinda dumb. It's just a filler for DC to move their offices and bring back continuity they're regretting haven gotten rid of. However, if you read the Question stuff from Greg Rucka before the New 52 scrap, this is the book for you. It feels like the last four years didn't even happen.

Angela: Asgard's Assassin #5
Thor continues to chase Angela and their baby sister as Angela takes the child to Heven in hopes of purging the blood of Surtur from her. After catching up, a fight ensues between Thor and Angela over the baby, but when Angela saves her from death, Thor realizes that she is trying to help her. She tosses the baby into the underground furnace and we all wait another issue to see it's outcome.

All-New Hawkeye #2
Flashback-wise, wee see Clint and Bart as they first join the circus as kids, meeting the Swordsman and learning that there is more family out there than blood and better than any they've had so far. Back in the present, Clint and Katie save some children who look to have been experimented on. Once out, they use their mind powers to stop all the AIM baddies before they all get away. Clint remarks at the end that if he had known in that moment what he knows now, those kids woulda stayed right where they were. Foreboding words that I'm excited to see play out.

Descender #2
The hunters are here for Tim and after finding out he's worth even more, they can't wait to get his head. As Tim tries to run, he begins showing his defensive weapons and kills not only their hunting pet but the leader as well. Its at that point that things really turn. In response, one of them blasts Tim through the body, leaving his machine bits shorting and falling out as it all tries to reboot itself. Like a guardian angel, a drill machine wakes up, claiming to hate all "hrrmans" and kills the hunters. It picks up the "little bot" not knowing what to do to help little Tim-21. End Issue.

Great week. DC surprises with a great story in a crappy one. The Ultimate Universe is coming to a complete end. Angela continues to be a huge surprise read. Image Comics keeps chugging out some amazing, new stories. It's a great week to be reading.

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