Thursday, June 25, 2015

NB of the Week

No Pleasure, No Rapture, No Exquisite Sin greater... Than the Runs

X-Men '92 #1
Secret Wars has a lot going for it, especially in this title. The great 90s animated show comes to Battleworld as the X-Men find out from Baron Kelly of the existence of Clear Mountain, where evil mutants go to be reformed. Not trusting that sound, they go to check it and find its run by a lady called Cassandra Nova. After the word game with her, the X-Men agree to a trial run of her techniques. What they don't know is that she is also currently battling Xavier in the psychic realm. Nova is not what she seems. She is a clone of Xavier made by Apocalypse but found and inhabited by the Shadow King. Welcome back X-Men '92. Hope you survive the experience.

Where Monsters Dwell #2
Over in the Monster Dwell domain in Battleworld, Clemmie and Karl are lost after their plane went down. And it's not Called Where Monsters Dwell for nothing. Aborigine tribes, dinosaurs, giant sharks and crocodiles and after all that, a very large tribe of Amozonian women. Karl Kaufmann just can't catch a break.

Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies #1
Not a whole lot to this story yet. Beyond the SHIELD lies the domains of the AI (Ultrons) and the Zombies. This issue has some awesome fighting between the two. On top of that, an old school looking Hank Pym enters the fray. He soon comes across Vision, Toro and Wonder Man who are asking him to help save their world. Story is building but who cares? This issue had awesome zombies fighting awesome robots and that's all I needed.

Uncanny Avengers #5
The High Evolutionary looks to be winning but then the new team comes together and defeats him. Wanda feels alone but Vision steps in reminding her that she will never truly be alone. And that's it. I honestly expected more from this first arc but it's possible that Secret Wars kinda hindered that. Hopefully it'll come back strong yet again after Secret is over

Daredevil #16
Waid begins to bring his amazing run on DD to an end as he has Daredevil attempt to make a deal with the Devil. Though it is Marvel so I suppose I should distinguish the Devil from a metaphorical Devil because this is the latter. It is, in fact, the Kingpin. The Shroud has tried his best to ruin Murdock and it may succeed. Unless Fisk can help. Murdock is at the end of his rope and offers him the only thing he's ever wanted: the death of Matt Murdock. Matt will give Fisk the opportunity to "kill" him off all while he still stays as Daredevil. Only Fisk will know and then Fisk can have back the old leverage that he had over Matt. Kingpin seemingly agrees to protect Matt's friends and family in exchange only at the end, we see that Kingpin may have some aces up his sleeve as his ninja on the inside already has Foggy.

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