Sunday, March 26, 2017

More Marvel Madness

New issue of Spider-Gwen was out this week and besides the mediocre-at-best writing (I really wasn't a fan), it ended the mediocre-at-best story that crossed over with Spider-Man for the last 3 months. Six total issues (costing me $24, mind you) that contained maybe, maybe, one issue of story. There was a time that I trusted Brian Michael Bendis completely. The man could do no wrong. Now he seemingly writes for the soul purpose of dragging as long as he can and setting up the next way to steal our money. And the worst part of it all is that it's finally spilled over to Miles Morales. I'm about done with this waste. I love the character and I know that he can still be a great asset to the Marvel Universe which is why he gets one more shot. One more story-line to see if Marvel agrees with me. It will either have story or it will have the last of my money.
The move is yours, Marvel.

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