Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chris "Johnny Storm" Evans offered Cap....?

Really? Chris Evans has been offered the part of Captain America? What the Hell?! Don't get me wrong, I like me some Chris Evans. For all the flaws that the two FF movies had, him as Torch wasn't one of my complaints. I enjoyed him in Cellular (though that movie sucked too), Sunshine was complete rip of Event Horizon but he was great in that, he looks good in The Losers but that's not even out yet, and Push has been one of my favorite "sleeper hits" in some time. Not to mention my giant man-crush on him. But Captain America? Steve "Eat Your Wheaties" Rogers?! This character is the moral compass for the Marvel Universe. The role model on integrity that all others can look up to, and Chris Evans came to mind? I just don't see that.
Though, I didn't see Downey Jr as Iron Man as first either so I can only hope that Marvel has seen something in his auditions that I haven't


  1. Thank you for putting words to the feelings I couldn't put words too. Besides if Evans is going to play a different super-hero, I'd put him on my short list for Flash.

  2. Oh and, I read on wikipedia that Joe Johnston has mentioned the possibility of the other Invaders in the Cap movie, and having Chris Evans talking to The Human Torch would hurt my head.

  3. Ok, so he got the job. I still have a short-list of guys I like better for the role (which is the only thing I've ever blogged on my blogspot blog), but at least it's a guy who can act and is American.