Friday, March 26, 2010

The Arrow Family is Making Another Run

I'ma go under the assumption that you people aren't reading many comics anymore, let alone what's happening to Green Arrow and his family so I'm gonna give a ya a quick(ish) rundown and why it's cool. In Justice League Cry for Justice, the original Prometheus came back. After figuring it out, Prometheus cut off Red Arrow's arm. He then went on to try and destroy the cities of the heroes. Only way to stop him is to let him go (which of course works somehow...) but Arrow's city, Star City, has already been blown to pieces, Killing thousands including Ollie's pseudo-granddaughter and Conner's actual daughter, Lian. Destroying his city, maiming his "son" and killing his "granddaughter", believe it or not, sends Ollie over the edge. He is the one who talks the League into letting Prometheus go, only to hunt him down and kill him himself. Now he is on the hunt for the Electrucutioner, who helped Prometheus, while on the run from the other Leaguers who are now trying to stop him (cuz heroes never kill...). Meanwhile, after waking up, Conner has come to find out that Prometheus' blade that took his arm also released nanites so they are having a hard time fixing it, not to mention that he now has to hear his daughter was killed while he was out. Turning to pills to ease the pain, we are starting seeing the old drug addict of the 70's once more.

I love what they're doing. Ollie is one of the few that I can see actually crossing that line. Damn right he's gonna want blood. "Yes they deserved to die! And I hope they burn in hell!" (look it up. It's actually a pretty good movie). Not to mention the emotion that writer JT Krul is putting into this. We all know I'm a smart-ass who jokes a lot but the three pages where Conner sees his daughter's body are heart-wrenching. I don't know if the Arrow Family has ever been this interesting to me.

In terms of books, Cry for Justice was good, but it felt rushed. It was originally was supposed to be another League ongoing but it got moved into a 7-issue mini instead so you can feel the places where things were shortened in order to fit. But it was still a pretty good story. Most of the art on this page was done by Mauro Cascioli who did the painted art on the first 4 issues but the final three were mostly done by filler artists. Green Arrow and The Rise of Arsenal are both written by JT Krul with art by this guy and that guy but I don't know their names (so sue me). This book is selling out at most levels so you'll probably want to pick up trades if ya get into it and if you have any interest at this point, I recommend it. The Cry for Justice mini should be available in hardcover but the others have just started so it'll be five of six months until they get collected.

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  1. I always liked Green Arrow because he was the hero that looked out for the little guys and would usually tell the League to stuff themselves. I agree that I could see him crossing over the line and starting to kill people. The League says heroes don't kill is a bunch of bull. Wonder Woman killed Max Lord and the whole world was able to watch it.

    I hope when the League finally catches up to Ollie he tells them off and shoots Superman in the nose. Okay, I am thinking of a different comic but it was still awesome.