Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blackest Night 8 w/ Spoilers and Pictures

So who read Blackest Night 8? Anybody? Nobody? Alright, good. Here's what happened...

My ass got kicked.

Awesome series with an awesome ending. After Sinestro becoming the embodiment on Life after he merged with The Entity, I wasn't quite sure what Johns was going to do next. And yet the ending wasn't the biggest surprise. Nekron pulls Sinestro and Entity apart only to have Hal, after a plethora of "we choose life" comments joining it and making his own "White Lantern Corps"! And of course, if Black brings the dead, then it only stands to reason that White brings the life, and Hal begins bringing the dead back to life, including William Hand, the Anti-Monitor, Deadman (go figure) and all the heroes we've been missing.

Overall, kind of cheesy but a great issue and a great series. It most definately makes me excited for Brightest Day, also written by Johns and Tomasi. I do believe it starts this month.


  1. I love Johns and he is such a big fan of comics that he probably researches everything out so that it is more authentic. I think with him being such a big fan of Golden Age that it only makes sense his stuff is a little cheesy because Golden Age comics were made out of cheese.

  2. That's why they're delicious!