Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clif-Notes: Cowboys & Aliens

I regret to inform everyone that I actually found this to be the worst of the comic movies this summer. Not that it was necessarily a "bad movie", but it definitely made me say "what the hell?" the most.
C&A is about a man who wakes up with no memory, quickly finds trouble with other cowboys and then must team up with said others to try and stop an alien invasion that has kidnapped some of their loves ones.
First, you don't really go into either a Harrison Ford or a Daniel Craig movie expecting the best acting of the year. Both did their parts and both were good in them but it was nothing to make ya stop and take notice (though I may have grown a little crush on Craig with all the tight clothing they put him in. Dude probably couldn't breath very well, which would account for his squinting, mean face the whole time). My real problems came at the end of the movie when it seemed like all the intelligence had just left. I know it's movie about aliens and that "logical" and "probable" go out the window but everyone seemed to stop thinking. I won't go into much detail (which doesn't help my case) because I don't want to ruin the ending but here's one that I will say: early on, Ford tells Craig that maybe he'll just kill him and take that weapon off his arm. Yet, at the end fight with all the aliens, when they killed one or two, they nobody was smart enough to try and take one off of them. Not even a try. Maybe they couldn't get it off but nobody even tried. The end was filled with little stuff like that, that drove me a little nuts. All smarts flew out the window.
Despite that, though, it was a pretty decent movie. I liked it and I would say you should see it eventually, but the ending brought it down a bit for me.
X-Men: First Class
Captain America
Green Lantern
Cowboys & Aliens
The final order of the awesome summer of comics. Tell me I'm wrong. I dare ya.


  1. I challenge your ranking of comics flicks, sir, and provide my own:

    1. Captain America
    2. Thor
    3. X-men: First Class
    4. Cowboys & Aliens
    5. Green Lantern

    I'll still buy 'em all on DVD, though.

  2. Touche, sir. You're wrong, but touche.

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