Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NB of the Week

Flipping things up a little bit, this week I have different NBs.

First off, the cover to X-Factor #232 is amazing. Very Steranko-esque in color and scheme, this cover is old-school and great. You don't get vibrant colors and patterns like this anymore. In a day and age where everything is fancy and high details, artist David Yardin (look him up) shows that simple can be best. Love the change up and love the use.

Second, in a moment that I can see many people not liking, John Stewart over in Green Lantern Corps #6 shows how hardcore he is willing to be in order to protect his brothers and his corps. Over the last few issues (in particular), Stewart and Gardner were attacked by Keepers, the race of beings that helped create the power batteries. They are after the Guardians and the main Power Battery after they took them all from their planet, leaving it to die (a story a bit long to write all down). Gardner and others escaped and are planning a rescue attempt while Stewart and others were left and captured. While he and two others have been tortured for the past few issues, on finally breaks and says he'll give the Keepers the coordinates. He begins to tell his ring to bring it up as he apologizes to Stewart for not being as strong as he was.
"I'm sorry, John..."
"God help me..."
And then this page.
Stewart takes the life of another Lantern in order to prevent the massacre of them all and I loved it. They seem to be moving him more towards his military background and while fragging your own team may not be the best example, putting the many over the few is. The series as a whole has been good but nothing amazing. But good. Definitely worth the read at thing point, whether you agree or disagree with Stewart's methods.

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