Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NB of the Week

The Ultimates #7
Things go from bad to worse to awesome in the span of 32 pages.
In case you didn't read the Hawkeye mini that started with this book, the Ultimate-Verse now has their version of Xorn, in twin brothers Xorn and Zorn; one the leader of the Celestials, the other the leader of the Eternals, both taking life in the floating islands of Tian. Not only did they cause it so that the world has "no more mutants" (take that House of M) but they also have a serum that will give each taker individual powers (similar to the Inhumans' Terragenisis) as long as they surrender themselves to a life on Tian (not really a bad deal).
On the other side, we still have Reed Richards and the Children of Tomorrow who are still there, living in The City. Which makes Nick Fury a very angry and uncomfortable man.
Which leads to this issue.
After being turned down by Captain America (whom Nick wanted to return to the team and lead), Fury just hopes he can try and play world chess with the characters who are very much smarter than he is and very much more powerful. He visits Tian and tries to get Xorn and Zorn (Enlightenment and Entropy) to help stand againt The City. Zorn (Entropy. I think...) says no, reading deviance behind the act. Xorn (Enlightenment. I believe) says fear causes actions that are forgivable and wishes to extend the conversation to Richards. Bad move. Reed sees the intrusion as an act of aggression and sends his own, more volatile response back, thus giving Fury the players he wanted as it forces Xorn and Zorn into the defensive against Reed.
And in a final note, a man has been sent to find Banner and invite him into the party, After being turned down, the man gave Bruce an option: either he joins and helps or Betty Ross, whom they have sedated elsewhere (and is the Ultimate She-Hulk), gets dissected so they can use her dna and build an army. We are then given final pages of Reed being surprised as the Hulk begins to smash through The City, beginning the slaughter of Reed's people.
Hickman is amazing at weaving a giant, brilliant story. It's that simple. Read Fantastic Four and tell me I'm wrong. The only problem I have is that you essentially had to get another mini in order to get the full story. It's explained in passing and all but the bringing in of X/Zorn and Tian was in the Ultimate Hawkeye mini and it plays heavily now in Ultimates. That's the only gripe. Either way, read this book.

Near Miss
Justice League #6
Darkseid has come to Earth and is looking for his daughter. Too bad he comes against the newly formed League and gets his sorry ass handed to him by Cyborg. Though, to be fair, Cyborg is made from Apokolips technology so it was a little bit cheating. Either way, this is the League book that I expected Johns to do and it's been worth it to get this issue.

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