Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NB of the Week

Saga #4
I know I'm repeating myself with this one a lot and I apologize but that is a book you should be reading. It's more amazing with every issue.
In this one, Marko pulls through only to have to explain himself to Alana about his old flame. Meanwhile, The Will visits Sextillion for exactly what you think a place called Sextillion would be for. Only he lives a much different life as a freelance killer so a "gentleman" takes him to a more private place for one of their best ladies who will do whatever he wants her to. However, this "lady" turns out to be a six year old child. It also turns out that some killers are worse than others as The Will proceeds to crush the "gentleman's" head with his bare hands.
Back to Marko and Alana, just as she calms down about his past, they are found by a vessel from Alana's side. No other choice but to fight back now.
Brilliant issue. Brilliant writing. Brilliant art. Brilliant brilliance.

The Best of the Rest
Punisher #12 - Frank catches up to Alves and pretty much beats it into her that they are dead people. They don't get to feel and remember and care as the living do. Matching the grim writing is the darkly beautiful art. Punisher hasn't been this good in a long while.

Green Lantern Corps #10 - John Stewart has turned himself in for the murder Lantern Kirrt Kallak (back in issue #6) and has been sentenced to death. As he's prepared to let his death be a symbol, Gardner has other plans, busting him out and setting up the Alpha War that is to some.

Winter Soldier #7 - Bucky and Natasha are hunting the third and final Winter Soldier that is still alive and Bucky helped train. After being set up themselves, turns out the third soldier wants Natasha. Brubaker is making this the must get spy book out there.

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