Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NB of the Week

Run, Forest, Run!

New Avengers #1
Years ago, when the Brian Michael Bendis brought in the Marvel Universe's Illuminati team, Black Panther was asked to be a part of it and he adamantly denounced it as a bad idea and told everybody to walk away. In current day, Panther and some Wakandians (Wakandas?) get caught up in some science/magic mojo that reveals another dimension looking to take over. This may be the only reason for Panther to call in the Illuminati and join their cause... And that's pretty much all that happened. Kinda slow.
(and on a side-note, the bad lady from the other dimension had a man captive that she called Manifold. He was carrying some science do-dad and he had the same suit as the Monifold that is coming to join the regular Avengers team. Though this one is white and ours is black... Food for thought)

Red Lanterns #15
Bleez is trying to make the human Red Lantern kill his source of anger so that he can truly embrace his Rage and Atrocitus awakens the original Manhunters that killed his people in the attempt to turn them against the Third Army the Guardians are killing everybody with. Only they vaporize him to the bones on the last page. Who knew that such violence followed such rage?

Ultimate Spider-Man #19
After Betty Brant was killed by a possibly new Venom creature, it now comes for Miles. After finding out his father helped save people by fighting off some of Hydra during the Divided We Stand story, Miles' dad tries to confront some reporters who want to open that story of heroism. As he does that, Venom appears and goes after him. Who it is and why he (if it is a he) is going for Pappy Morales (not actual name) is unknown for now but I'm excited to find out.

All-New X-Men #1-5
Brian Michael Bendis left the Avengers comics after eight years and is now taking over the X-Men. After AvX, Cyclops has killed Xavier (while being possessed by the Phoenix), was taken into government custody, broke out and is not being looked at as a villain (he is sided with Magneto, after all). To try and knock some sense into Cyclops, Beast has traveled back into time and brings the original five X-Men back, feeling like seeing them may turn Scott back towards the light. That was most of the five issues. Original team met Cyclops who was confused and ran away. Cyclops is starting a new Xavier School for the mutants he recruits Current Beast is now dying from his experiment that gave him blue fur but Young Beast is able to help fix him (surprise) but at the cost of another physical mutation (picture to the side). Young Jean Grey decides it's best to not stop this future from happening but to try and stay to fix the present so that they know it will eventually get better for their future (our present). Kitty Pryde decides to act as their now-Xavier and help lead the way.
By the end of this first story, there were some cool concepts started and it's definitely different pacing for the x-universe. However, at four bucks a pop, they took twenty bucks and two months for it to finally get there. Good start but way too slow and too obvious of a cash-cow for Marvel to really support it.


  1. Wait. . . so Beast's new mutation is that he looks more human again? I don't understand.

  2. They claim they're making him more "ape-like". I'm just mad they're writing every part of Morrison's amazing run out.