Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NB of the Week

Was a pretty good week this turn and I couldn't decide between two title so much like Grant Hill and Jason Kidd with the 1995 rookie of the year, we have a shared title (yes, that was actually the first reference that came to my mind).


 Thor: God of Thunder #4 - The God Butcher: Part 4
Written by Jason Aaron
Drawn by Esad Ribic
Future Thor is the last one at war and wants nothing more than to die the warriors death but Gorr just keeps letting him live, going as far as to have his creatures carry him back to his throne as a cruel reminder of his failure as King.
Young Thor is tortured by Gorr, spurring his anger and hatred. No God has ever pushed him to this limit and he will make all Gods pay for it.
Present Thor goes to Omnipotence City for the answer to who Chronux was. After a little scuffle with Gorr's dog creatures, it turns out that it's actually a where: Chronux, The Palace of Infinity. And it's where Gorr has been using the Pool of Forever in order to travel in time and kill as he needs.
Future Thor begins to make another stand. He is more ready for Death then ever. After being stabbed through, he falls, begging for Gorr to finally kill him when all are surprised by a bright light, giving us one of the coolest endings that a Thor comic has had in a very long time.... (picture to the side, if ya didn't figure it out)
I'm gonna keep harping on it: God of Thunder is the best Marvel Now book they're doing. It's the best book they're publishing, in my opinion. Aaron has taken Thor and put him back in a spot to make his the baddest mother in the Marvel Universe. I can't say it enough. This is a must read.

Age of Apocalypse #11
Written By David Lapham
Drawn by Roberto De La Torre w/ Renato Arlem
In it's present day, Wolverine has become the new "Apocalypse" of the universe and is called Weapon Omega. There are only a handful of humans left and a group of them are prepared to die in order to take Omega and his reign down. Their only hope of doing such is to some how get him to ingest part of the Death Seed, which is what corrupted him and turned him into his present state. His wife, Jean Grey, having been depowered earlier, has joined the humans (called the X-Terminated, kinda dumb but still badass) and is the key. As everyone else attacks his citadel and fight his minions, Omega, seeing no more use for his wife, embraces her, kisses her only last time and stabs her through. Little does he know that has a good soldier, she had a capsule of the Death Seed in her mouth and has just killed him as well. As she crouches there, bleeding out, Omega is shocked knowing that everything is about to end. Everybody outside stops and looks up in awe is the tower and everything around it go white and we're left with a question of nothing and everything until the next issue.
First off, in it's first year of publication, this has become the most underrated title from Marvel. It's grown better and better with each issue and it's delivering on levels neither attempt at the AoA Universe has hit before it. Lapham has done some good things in his career (I rather enjoyed his year-long stint on Detective back in '05 and his currently wrapped Deadpool MAX run was damn entertaining) but this may be the best I've read from him. He (with the help of Remender who helped launch this book in Uncanny X-Force) has created a world that is completely different from it's successor while also just as dark and bleak as we knew it to be at the very start almost 20 years ago. If you want a book filled with heroes but want something outside the lines of the normal, this is definitely the book to try.

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