Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Age of Apocalypse #12
Jean Grey may or may not have been successful in destroying the Apocalypse Seed but before the X-Terminated can even find out, Penance is claiming herself the new world leader. Too bad Weapon Omega has his people still around, even if he may not be. Cyclops and Havok attack her as Prophet (human William Stryker) makes his way to epicenter where Grey and Weapon were located. As he comes closer, ready to kill Jean Grey (as the power may have chosen her as Omega's successor), he is surprised to find Weapon Omega alive and telling than neither he nor Grey have the power anymore. It has been transferred to the machine that Reed Richards built. They now have control of the Apocalypse Seed.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #18
Not much happened in this issue. Last time, the Turtles were accidentally taken to an alternate dimension where Krang is trying to overrun everything. After some fighting and the rescuing of a Princess, they are finally told what's going on just in time for Krang to threaten to kill the King and Queen if he(it?) doesn't get his demands.

Before Watchmen: Comedian #5 (of 6)
The recap is simple: Comedian is a bad man who you don't want to muck with and a lot of people are really starting to figure that out. Dark and gritty writing and amazing art with one of the most beautifully dark covers I have ever seen.

Cyber Force #3
Velocity is still searching for Morgan Stryker as she reveals to the other rebels about her father's plan to wipe out humanity and replace it with bio-synthetic lifeforms that they can better control. Her and the rebels are soon attacked by Aphrodite and her army only to have a surprise show up and help them: Stryker. He tells them to run, to fix themselves up and to lay low. He tells them they are on their own and won't be getting his help ever again. The issue ends with Velocity yelling at him:
"No, you're not leaving us... You not leaving me... I'm not letting you walk away from me again...
... dad."
This book was started through Kickstarter and the first five issues are free so hit up your local comic shop.

Ultimate X-Men #22 - Reservation X: Conclusion
Utopia is in turmoil. Half the remaining mutants don't trust Kitty and the other half don't know much at all. They have created a seed that will evolve and grow in any climate and soil and a lot of companies aren't happy with that. After Iron Man helps stop one threat, another comes and blows up the seed house. Their time was for nothing. Except apparently Kitty did that herself. She's playing a game that she may not be able to finish.