Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The New Face of Marvel Movies...

Well, not quite but maybe. It's being reported that Marvel has found their man to play Peter Quill/Star-Lord, the lead charter of the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy and that man is Chris Pratt. Best know for his dumb guy role on Parks and Recreation, he was also Barry in Wanted (who got his face smashed in with the keyboard) and did pretty well in Moneyball. He just recently had a role in Zero Dark Thirty in which he got crazy buff for (he was quite the chubby dude before that). He's also married to Anna Faris so all-in-all, he's doing alright in life. He was never listed as a candidate on any of the rumor lists that have been making the rounds but oh well. The more I see him and think about it, the more I'm for this move. He has my support. I've been a Guardians fan for a while now and am stoked for this movie. And to be fair, I'd probably love the movie no matter who was cast or hot bad it turned out (counterpoint: James Gunn is directing it so I doubt it being bad is gonna be an option)

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