Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NB of the Week


Powers: Bureau #7
The question (alright, a question) Multiple Man fans have asked for years is in Powers: Is it murder if all you're doing is killing copies of yourself? Walker, Pilgrim and Sunrise try to find out. Meanwhile, Walker finds something out about Pilgrim that he didn't see coming and it reminds us why Bendis is at his best on a book like this (Spoiler alert: she was pregnant).

Infinity #3
Everything continues to hit the fan. Cap and his armada fight off one invasion of the Builders only to piss them off further. Namor turns on Panther further as he lies about the fate of Atlantis. And Thanos comes to Black Bolt for his son only to find a very loud response of "No!" (and in Bolt speak, that's not a good outcome).

Savage Wolverine #8
Alright, so it turns out that this was a pretty pointless story. Wolverine wins, Elektra wins, Fisk rekills his dead wife. But at least it was fun and the art of Joe Mad is always great to look at .

Wonder Woman #23.1 - Cheetah
DC villain's month is dragging along as we get the New 52 Cheetah origin. She's a hunter with women who want to be Amazonian hunters... And a dude she calls a manhunter will probably turn into the new Manhunter. Seems subtle enough.

New Avengers #10
The Illuminati search for the hidden son of Thanos but in doing such, give the location to the Ebony Maw instead. And to top it all off, another Incursion happens to distract them. Dammit all with this timing.

Thor: God of Thunder #13
Very simple but very cool issue. the Dark Elf Malekith is finally released and is hellbent on killing all the Dark Elves. And just in time for his movie debut (go figure, right?).

Justice League 23.3 - Dial E
Not gonna lie, this one was all over the place and I have no idea how to explain anything without babbling on with all the backstory. Read Dial H and then this and you'll understand. I think.

Ultimate X-Men 31
Kitty hands the leadership over to Pete so that they can focus on taking Jean Grey down. Over in Tian, James is told that he either helps kill Kitty or he will be killed himself. After refusing to do that, Jean releases him and makes it open season to everybody in Tian: James Hudson is to be killed.

100 Bullets: Brother Lono #4
Lono continues to try and live the strait life but with Mexican dealers wanting the church land to hide their "activities", that may become more and more difficult to do (and I'm personally hoping that he falls off that wagon sooner rather then later).

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