Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NB of the Week


Earth 2 #16 - To The Victor...
Written by  James Robinson
Drawn by Nicola Scott

The issue was pretty strait forward up to the end so forgive the short synopsis.
Steppenwolf and his army are attacking the World Army for control of Earth. His Hunger Dogs are kicking the collected asses of The Wonders and Steppenwolf is taking out the WA. In flies Green Lantern to stop Steppen but before he can get to far, Steppenwolf's Dog, Brutaal, flies in and helps pound Scott into submission. Steppen then grabs a reporter (who has been narrating this issue) and begins to claim to her camera that he shall be the new ruler of Earth. That he is the God that they shall all bow to. And before you can shake your fist at him, Brutaal slams down and karate chops him down in half. As Brutaal begins to speak of how Steppenwolf was selfish and only sought to conquer for himself, he reveals his true identity: Superman! "Hail Darkseid" is the last we see as the survivors fly off to whatever safety they can find. Earth has lost.

This was James Robinson's last issue (DC bastards) and boy did he go out with a bang. Normally Superman going evil wouldn't get a thumbs up from me but on this world, where they've shown there's little hope, him doing Darkseid's work somehow fits perfectly with the tone. The world needs heroes again and this only proves it further. This has been a damn good read from it's start and I can only hope that the writer taking over can do Robinson's story justice. Thankfully, it's the writer who has been doing Justice League: Injustice For All so he knows a little about writing a Superman who has lost control and taken over things.

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