Thursday, December 19, 2013

NB of the Week


Switching things up a little, I wanted to further sell the amazing title that is Saga. This week saw the release of issue 17 and it's ridiculous how brilliant each issue gets. If I haven't filled you in before (and I speak a lot so it's possible to have forgotten), here's the jist:
Marko and Alana are from two different species who are at war. They have fallen in love and have sired a daughter, making a lot of people angry and wanting them dead. Alana was in the military and she is the one who helped Marko escape, branding her a traitor along the way (though Marko breeding with her has also put a sentence on his head). The two are on the run with their newborn daughter, making friends with a ghost girl who has become something of a nanny to Hazel (their daughter), mercenaries are on their trail with cat's that tell if you're lying, trees that are rocket ships, princes who are robots and dream about weird sex (which we get to see on their tv heads). This book has been described as a combination of Star Wars, Romeo and Juliet, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones and I'd actually say that's a very good description. It's scifi love mixed with magic and fantasy and odd sex (that the Thrones connection, if ya didn't know) and I truly believe it is the best written comic being published today. The art of Fiona Staples, whom I never even heard of before this book, is an absolute perfect match to what Brian K Vaughan writes and I would argue that her art is the most complimentary art to a story out of everything published today as well.
Vaughan and Staples have created a masterpiece of a book. Almost two years of story and everything just keeps getting better. Every book has a slow point. Every story and character has a point where things are just not as good as the last. Not to say it's bad but that it loses it's excitement and flavor for a bit. Saga has lost nothing. Every issue makes you want more. Every death brings a tear. Every kiss brings a smile. It plays on your emotions in every direction and I can't wait for more after every read. There is some really good stories being told in the comic world but in my book, nothing is better than Saga. This is a title that I absolutely recommend to anybody who wants a smart, mature, eloquent story that makes you forget you're paying 2.99 for a comic book.

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